Please note, even though this information was channelled by me in
2005 already, this is the first time it is being published. Kuthumi
& St. Germain indictaed that the information is highly relevant at
this time. Enjoy!
This information may be shared with other sources on strict
conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for
monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.
Thank you to Patti Goerdel for transcribing this channeling.

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you.
You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a
similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as
being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects
are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time
lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken
through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing &

I am Kuthumi and I come forth upon the rays of love and wisdom to
greet each of you at this time and to bring unto each of you the
blessings of expansion, of vitality, of innocence and synchronicity
greetings beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our
hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold you
firmly within in the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands on

Brothers and Sisters of Light, your presence within the Christed
Heart upon this day is assisting you in integrating a cosmically
manufactured grid which shall anchor in your base chakra a new level
of understanding what it truly means to co-create with Mother/Father
God, and through the practice of ceremony, ritual and magic, to how
create a foundation of life upon which to build abundantly.

The purpose for this grid is to ensure that your manifestation
process is not one motivated by survival instinct, but rather by the
instinct to thrive within Mother/Father God's creation. Saint Germain
shall assist each of you in de-activating whatever is remaining
within the 4th dimensional body of your chakric system that prevents
you in maintaining any form of limited consciousness regarding your
ability to utilize the power of nature to co-create with
Mother/Father God a life that brings you a sense of peace, harmony
and tranquility.

Let us begin with each of you closing your eyes and becoming aware of
your breath. Breathe in deeply and settle yourself comfortably into
your seat. As you exhale, allow your body to release the stresses,
the worries and agitations held in your mind. On your next deep in-
breath, ask your healing angel to help you center yourself in the
truth of your essence. Exhale, and relax. Continue to breathe in
deeply, exhale fully. Continue focusing on centering yourself within
the essence of your truth, and as you do this, ask that your energy
be held perfectly in the center of Mother/Father God's light.

I shall take my leave for now and make way for Saint Germain to
continue with each of you. Love and blessings, beloved ones. I am
Kuthumi. Adonai.

I am Saint Germain. Greetings, and welcome.

Today, I will present each of you with a tremendous opportunity to
welcome into your body, the light of a higher vibration for the
purpose of creating an abundant system of energy. We have observed
many souls having great difficulty in their physical bodies. This
difficulty is resulting in a limited amount of energy with which to
power their self and emotional systems. This is limiting the soul's
ability to create and to have faith in their ability to create that
which Mother/Father God has created in alignment with the highest
will of your soul.

The purpose of today's initiation is to further enter more of the
manifestation energy your planet is in desperate need for. Humanity
has been limited for many cycles and has resulted in a very deep need
to bring this abundant source of new life to planet Earth. The
lightworkers are vital systems of energy and it is your systems of
energy being utilized with your permission to anchor this light and
to be used as conduits through which energy is channeled. This
channeling of vitality and energy feeds all systems of life upon
planet Earth. Today we will support all of you in aligning all the
levels of your consciousness currently being influenced by your lower
4th dimensional astral body with the higher frequency of the 5th
dimensional spirit body.

It is necessary that we do this so as to facilitate the complete
detaching of the lower astral plane in order for your manifestation
abilities to come completely into the light of Divine ceremony,
ritual and magic. Without your self completely in this higher
consciousness you will find your ability to manifest still being
hindered by the lower vibrational fear process that you have been
conditioned with over the past two and one-half thousand years. There
have been cycles prior to that time period that have also impacted on
your ability to have faith in your talents and the tools you have
brought into your incarnation which you mastered some cycles ago.
Therefore, we shall begin your initiation by activating the five-fold
flame on the conscious level and feed this into your fourth
dimensional astral body and use this flame to dissolve the
connections, detaching you from the collective consciousness of fear,
of deprivation, starvation and suffocation. This adds to the
qualities you have mastered already to assist you in raising your
vibration and your consciousness further into prosperity

Put your palms together, connect the charkas of your left and your
right hands. Place this on your lap in alignment with your sacral
chakra. Become conscious of how you draw breath into your lungs and
how you exhale the breath from your lungs. Focus on making it a deep
breath in and a full exhalation. Imagine your body relaxing, becoming
quiet, at peace. Feel the stillness within your body.

Visualize another form such as yourself before you. Using your
imagination, look at this being you have created and see that it is a
direct reflection of what you look like now. (pause). Visualize
yourself being enfolded in a golden orb of energy. Include your
projected form in this golden energy. Call upon all your angels of
protection, all your guides. Ask Archangel Michael to create a
crystalline shield of protection around you. Invoke the full presence
of any other guides or angels you are personally connected to whom
you wish to have present with you today.

Set the intention that all these energies protect you on all levels
of consciousness, all levels of sub-consciousness, all levels of
unconsciousness. Ask your protection to expand multi-dimensionally.
Ask for your protection to extend into all parallel and alternative
realities. Do whatever else you feel you need to, to ensure you are
confident in the protection you have manifested. Do all of you feel
completely safe in your protection? (murmurs of agreement).

Now, let us proceed into the 4th dimensional astral plane. Visualize
energy portals opening up as we carry your energy into the 4th
dimensional lower astral plane. It is vital that you keep your energy
aligned with Archangel Michael. Hold positive light in your heart.
Hold an image in your mind or your memory of a time of
happiness and joy. Feel the joy and the love in your heart and in
your body. Intend for this joy and love to filter through your body
and project it out into the lower astral plane you are now standing
in. This is the plane of darkness. It is the dimension where all the
fears of humanity are collected together and form a world of "evil"
as many Christians call it. This is the place often referred to as
hell. Our purpose for bringing you to this dimension is so you can
anchor the five-fold flame of liberation within your 4th dimensional
astral body.

Begin by visualizing a violet flame igniting before your eyes. You
must now choose where to place this five-fold flame of the violet ray
in your body. Project it into your 4th dimensional astral body and
allow the five-fold vibration of the violet ray to vibrate through
your 4th dimensional body. This violet flame liberates all the
aspects of your spiritual self and brings this quality into a more
conscious realization for you. The five-fold vibration will insure
you anchor these qualities of spiritual light inside your being
cellularly, inside of your being physically, emotionally and
mentally. The violet flame burns through the veils of illusion that
have governed and motivated any belief systems and conditioned
behavior which have manifested as limiting behavior, attitudes or
beliefs in your self, in Mother/Father God and in the world in

Repeat in your heart and mind that this is what this violet flame
will do. It will liberate you from all your limited consciousness.
Repeat it in the words that make sense to you and feel right for you.
(long pause)

Focus on where you have placed your violet flame in your 4th
dimensional body and imagine the flame burning through the energy.
Use your imagination to create a ceremony of release. (long pause)

You must now decide what you would like to replace what you have
released. Consider, feel, anticipate if you must, but choose
something to replace what you have released. It must be of a light
vibration, for this is what you shall take into the 5th dimension.
Choose wisely. (long pause)

Shift your focus now to imagine a blue flame manifesting before your
eyes. This is the blue flame that liberates your authentic voice, the
flame that creates a new pathway upon which you can express your
creativity. Choose now where to place this flame and allow its five-
fold vibration to reverberate through your 4th dimensional astral
body. (pause)

This blue flame will facilitate the anchoring of your true voice of
courage. It assists all the higher aspects of yourself to confidently
and successfully integrate the messages of higher wisdom, which are
meant to transmit to others through whatever means of communication
you choose. Imagine the five-fold vibration of the
blue flame washing through your body like a gentle wave lapping up
against the shore. (pause)

The five-fold ray vibration detaches you from the fear vibration of
the collective consciousness which has created an attachment to the
belief that it is better to speak words of illusion rather than
truth. This wave is releasing you from all contracts you have been
bound by in this lifetime as a result of miscommunicating truths at
any time in your current or past lives. You are being released from
every vibration of negativity as a result of miscommunication. You
now have the opportunity to open your energy to welcome all of this
new love in through your charkas. Bring it, integrate it, breathe it
in and embrace it as a new part of you. (pause)

If there is anything else you feel still trapped in any of your
chakas or any part of your mind or heart, take it and give it to
Archangel Michael. He will use the blue flame to dissolve it.

I, Saint Germain, stand before you and request that you share with
us, in your heart, what you wish to replace what you have released
from your charkas with. You know now the vibration you are
attracting. Choose wisely. (long pause)

Every word one speaks is a magic wand. Few realize the power in the
spoken word. Because of this, many people are unaware of what their
scattered vocabulary creates. Every conversation you have creates a
reality. If one constantly entertains negative and illusionary
vocabulary, one creates a reality in an alternate existence and what
you have spoken becomes. All of these actions have resulted in the
hell your world finds itself in. Choose your words with care.

In your mind, reaffirm that the five-fold wave vibration and the blue
flame has freed you to speak your truth. To evoke the authentic voice
of all that you are, affirm to yourself it is safe to utter the words
of truth no matter what. Affirm it is safe for you to communicate
truth in whatever form you choose for the time is right for this. You
are a vehicle of transmission for the messengers of light to
communicate through. (pause)

Breathe this blue light fully into your body. Imagine it lodging
itself in your muscles and in the organs of your body. Relax into its
peaceful energy. (pause)

Let us move on and imagine a silver flame manifesting before your
eyes. This is the light of the Goddess, the Inner Mother. It is the
sisterhood of your universe. Imagine it activating the five-fold
vibration and place it wherever you are guided to into your 4th
dimensional astral body. This vibration initiates the release from
all the negative patterns you have held onto; all the conditioning
you have attached your belief system to that link back to the
original abuse of the feminine principal and Goddess. It's five-fold
vibration penetrates all the densities of energy that house your
defenses and prevent you from being fully at peace and in touch with
your feminine principals - with your inner mother, your external
mother and all the aspects of your Goddess self. (long pause)

Visualize the silver vibration moving in all directions disconnecting
you from the collective consciousness of fear and disregard of the
sacredness of the Holy Mother. Intend to be completely liberated from
all imprints, all conditions, consciousness that bind you on any
conscious, subconscious or unconscious levels to the belief that the
Goddess is of a dark nature, that she is weak, that she is unworthy,
that she is limited.

Use your wisdom to choose now what you wish to replace. (long pause)

This vibration opens your energy to receive more of the blessings and
projected affirmations of light from the nature kingdom. Imagine all
of yourself responding to receive this energy, these blessings and
the magic of nature that shall guide you through the power of
ceremony and ritual to manifest the magic of love, the magic of life,
of truth and release. Every time one releases oneself of any
debilitating attitude or belief system, one is exposed to a whole new
world. This world is abundant with potential. Your task is to venture
into its potential and make it yours. Live it, express through it,
continue becoming. One's potential is unlimited. One can never cease
to grow. Venture into the light of the Goddess and you find yourself
in a new world.

Visualize the silver energy filling your body as well as your 4th
dimensional astral body. Dissolve all attachments, all limitations to
being completely and utterly at one with the Mother Goddess in all
her aspects. (pause)

The gold flame now reveals itself to you before your eyes. It is the
light of Father God. It is the energy that warms your soul, that
protects you and that guides you into the new world of new
consciousness. Imagine its five-fold vibration moving through you and
place it where you choose. (pause) Placing this flame in the 4th
dimensional astral body now releases your entire chakric system from
the densities of the astral world. You have one last step to take to
be free of hell. You are venturing into the heart of the Golden Age;
the age where Mother/Father God manifest and reveal themselves to you
through everything you create. Integrating this
flame's vibration allows all your senses to respond to the vibrations
this Mighty Being of Creation has programmed into you. You are
remembering the original program of light that you carried to you
prior to the astral plane's creation. You are now downloading, at a
rapid rate, the imprint of Golden Consciousness that Father God is
projecting to each of you. This is being held and will continue to
facilitate itself in the center of your heart chakra. Everything you
integrate for the rest of your days on Earth will be through your
heart chakra. The foundation for the new world is in place within the
etheric body of your planet. You are the anchoring systems and you
anchor through your heart.

Welcome this new vibration, one that is new to you now, yet one that
you master, one that is yours by Divine Right. It is the gold print
of all consciousness you have ever embodied of a higher vibration and
frequency, of higher wisdom and knowledge. Breathe it in. Own it.
Allow yourself to trust the wisdom of God to guide you. Accept the
wisdom of Father God inside you and all around you. Give permission
for the wisdom of Father God to reflect itself to you in everything
that you experience. Affirm that your need to fear God is obliterated
and completely consumed by the golden flame, transmuting it. (long

Welcome the knowledge, the wisdom and the power of your God Self.
Look at it and own it. The golden flame and its five-fold projection
is resulting in all the masculine forces of your planet moving into
truth and wherever that energy has been abused, it will crumble.
Those abusers of the power of magic, those who have used the
sacredness of ceremony and ritual to control and manipulate others
must now fall and will be revealed for the entire world to witness.

The witnessing of this is vital for it shall trigger the re-
establishment of confidence, faith, love and hope within the hearts
of the collective consciousness. This is the bridge into the Golden
Age, which must be fully established (the bridge that is). By the
year 2010, from 2010 to 2012, the bridging process will complete
itself and the raising of all vibrations of humanities' soul and all
consciousness will have had to pass over the bridge as being 5th
dimension by the 21st of December of the year 2012. Every time such
an ascension takes place, you increase the planetary consciousness
and support the bridging process I speak of.

You are creating this in yourself, for it is vital that all of you
complete this process in order to continue as ambassadors of the
light and representatives and messengers of Mother/Father God. Your
bridging process, however, will have completed itself by the year
2008 where you will have raised many aspects of your consciousness
and vibration into 12th dimension. It is necessary that lightworkers
such as yourselves hold this 12th dimensional vibration for the
collective consciousness and bring additional light to the planet to
facilitate any soul's journey that may still be harnessed within the
illusion of hell. You are the ones who will walk with many other
lightworkers who have mastered the understanding of the power of
ceremony and ritual and understanding that being spiritual is the
ritual of honoring Mother/Father God in all that exists.

You are the ones who shall activate the templates of truth that will
reveal to all that anything that does not embody the reflection of
Mother/Father God is a hologram of illusion and does not exist. You
will reveal to the world what the illusion consists of. It has been
necessary for us to bring ones such as yourselves to this point of
understanding within yourselves and release on such a profound level.
For when the rest of humanity realizes the power of the illusion
there will be panic. There will be many who will fall to their knees
in pain for realizing how much of their life they invested in the
illusion. They will realize that all along, their investment in fear
has been the dance with the devil that religion has promoted. This
promotion will be demoted and you will see that all along, the vision
of Mother/Father God and Utopia has always existed, but the smoke
screen, the veil of illusion the workers of darkness created that
have been between you and Heaven on Earth has been the
illusion of fear. You are running the gauntlet now lightworkers, and
you are removing once and permanently, this conflict, the veil of
illusion, the waters of darkness, the hell. You will be given true
vision. You will earn it. Lightworkers, your task as initiates of the
five-fold flame to make it known to other souls how powerful the
illusion is. And as you walk the gauntlet, you will show others how
to complete its obstacles and move beyond it. You and all others that
may come to find these words will experience the truth behind the
meaning of being the liberation army. Your personal liberation is
merging you with the dimensions of Archangels and the Ascended
Masters that represent the great hierarchy of liberation, the
Galactic Federation of Light has been watching over all of you for
the past 36 months; you have earned your right to walk through hell
held in the bubble of golden light and not to be touched by its
ensity, by its flame of destruction. You are the Bringers of Light,
the Bringers of the New Dawn to the souls who wrestle with darkness.

To complete this, the white flame of completion manifests before your
eyes. This flame destroys everything that embodies the slightest
vibration of illusion. Breathe this flame into every level of your
being. Expand it, extend it, project it into every dimension you are
conscious and unconscious of. (long pause)

The white flame is the white light of revelation. The white dove
represents the white flame. Every time you witness the presence of a
white dove, I, Saint Germain, am present to remind you of your power
as a leader of light, your power as a co-creator with the template of
Mother/ Father God. It is the symbol to remind you to persevere along
the path of light and to affirm that you are the creator of Heaven on
Earth. You co-create with all your brothers and sisters of the world.
You are creating a new world, a world that is of a higher frequency.
The white flame and its five-fold vibration is what brings every
aspect of every human being willing to embrace life into this
dimension. Therefore, intend now, for yourself, that everything you
are willing to embrace come into the light of Mother/Father God and
everything that you are willing to release be dissolved
intend that it be replaced with the Divine Light of Mother/Father God.

As a result of your initiation today, your aura will be of a
different structure and color. On the further-most circumference of
your auric field, the bright white light of Mother/Father God will be
the color permanently holding the rest of your auric vibration. Your
colors will change as you grow, but the white light present within
your auric field will never disappear. The vibration will continue to
expand and rise. As it spirals upward, it raises your consciousness
with it.

All of you have taken on the vibration of the higher dimension. Be
aware that as a result of this, you may find it becoming increasingly
difficult to be in the presence of negativity and density. Any energy
that does not support or hold high vibration will cause you to feel
uncomfortable. Know, however, that wherever you are, regardless of
the vibration that you are exposed to, the white light around the
circumference of your aura will always protect you. This light will
encode every place you visit and will automatically facilitate the
shifting of the vibrational energy within that area securing a
process of change.

Take some time to ponder upon what it is you wish to create, and how
you wish to create it. It does not matter what it is related to. What
is most important is what is most important in your heart right now.
(long pause)

To end, see your 4th dimensional astral body full of white light.
Visualize this white light consuming this body. As this occurs, the
4th dimensional astral plane of evil and darkness disappears around
you and you find yourself in the higher worlds of light. Allow your
memory of these places to create an image in your mind. Look around
you. Look at the beauty. This is your memory of these exquisite
higher dimensions. Your imagination is your memory of the other
worlds you have forgotten. You have been taught your imagination is a
tool of illusion. In fact, your imagination is the memory of all the
other worlds you have been a part of, the worlds you have come from
and the worlds you tap into. Your consciousness is always entering
altered states. You must come to the knowledge to become aware of how
powerful your abilities are and that you are not limited to the third
dimensional world. You are accessing other worlds! The more conscious
you are of what you do with your energy, the more you can harness its
power and the greater your ability to co-create.

I, Saint Germain, with the assistance of your healing angels, your
protector guides, your celestial master and the master guide, feel
the initiation you have undergone today and feel your energy in the
higher dimensions beyond the collective astral plane of density. It
is now only by personal choice that you will enter into hell again.
You can go back to the 4th dimensional astral plane. The way you will
do it is by choosing to invest your energy in fear, in limitation, in
worry, in conjuring up the images of fear, pain and hurt. That is
what created hell in the first place. That is how you will create it

We confirm that the template created today is anchored to your heart
chakra. I, Saint Germain, welcome all of you into the world of light
where you can take your place upon my ascension seat. Here I will
continue to teach you, to guide you. I have created a program of
light for each of you. This particular program is being aligned with
your current path of divinity and will unfold accordingly. You are
free to call upon my guidance and assistance at any time you require
it. You are the anchors of the five-fold flame in your personal
family life. You anchor it in the environment of your friends, your
acquaintances and the physical environment you are a part of. You
have created the opportunity for nature to communicate with you in a
way you have not experienced before. The animal kingdom is also more
conscious of your energy because of this new vibration. It is likely
you will see more, you will feel more and you will hear more of what
is occurring in the nature kingdom and how the animal kingdom

All the kingdoms of life are a part of the ceremony of life. Humanity
has lost touch with the importance of celebrating life and
acknowledging it as a ceremony of thanks, of creation, a ceremony to
be enjoyed. Every cycle that comes and goes brings with it new energy
and when it passes, it takes with it the old energy. The
solstices are very powerful times for celebration, for ceremony, for
ritual. The most important ritual of life is the spiritual journey,
for it is the continuous ritual of integrating the presence of
Mother/ Father God. There is one simple rule to live by and that
is "Do what you will, bur harm none."

Ask yourself what will your action result in, who will it harm? Will
it harm you or any others? If it harms none, you are practicing the
ritual of Spirit. Discernment is very important as you practice
spirituality for one must understand there are laws of creation. -
the laws of your world, your solar systems, the cosmos, the universe.
Further, you understand how everything is one, how everything is
created. The great changes currently taking place is the change in
vibration between humanity's relationship with the animal kingdom and
nature and how humanity relates to other human beings. It is an
intense time of purging and detoxification. As I have said, those who
have abused power, who have not supported as promised, who have not
delivered as promised, will be revealed for all to see. This will
empower people and they will understand that the illusion of relying
upon an external source is what has caused their inability to co-
create. This will reverse the power and give it to humanity to go
within and tap into the internal resources of light and power and co-
create with Mother/Father God and come together as powerful
communities to create all that is required. This is, in fact, being
mirrored in the current tragedy in New Orleans. Other tragedies such
as this will bring more liberation, more freedom to the powers of
darkness that have bound group souls like this world in a false
belief, in a false security; and they will be released to find their
inner power. Remember how one powerful being, joining forces with
another powerful being of light that is, creates the Liberation Army
of God and your world will become truly a free world. Right now it is
not free.

Make the effort each day to practice the ritual or greeting all of
the creation of Mother/Father God. Welcome these creations into your
energy and ask them to co-create with you. The power of the nature
kingdom, the power of the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom will
amplify your personal strength and abilities. For a Master to create,
he or she must know how to use all of God's talents, all of the
ingredients and the resources at hand to make it a complete creation.
Relying purely upon the mind or the emotions will leave your creation
fragile and lacking in important qualities and ingredients.

Becoming truly conscious of everything around you, nature in all its
forms will strengthen your power. Your strengthened power will
amplify the power of the creation known as animals, plants, minerals,
herbs, insects - everything. It will strengthen the life force of the
Earth upon which you live. It will recreate the minerals of the
Earth, which will restore vitality and life to the food you eat. It
will restore life and vitality to the food the animals ingest. It
will bring life to the waters of your world. It will reverse the
negative impact of toxins in the waters, in the foods, in your minds
and hearts and the negative impact the astral plane of lower
vibration has had on your world. Its poison will be removed. You are
the antidotes for its poison and everyone you touch who remembers the
truth as we are triggering the memories of truth for you today,
becomes an antidote.

It has been an honor for me to be present with you to deliver the
message to trigger your memory. I have simply brought you a refresher
course today. It is always your will and wish whether you will use it
or not. Honor life as a ceremony; in other words, a sacred act will
enhance you as a soul, as a vibration, as an emanation of love. The
greater your strength, the greater your power to heal and to
implement change. The light you have entered becomes the light for
another. As it anchors in everyone else, the light must spread. Light
cannot be limited to be held in one place. There is always a way for
it to reveal itself, and it will. Two and one- half thousand years
ago there were ones who tried to put out the light. You lost your
light; you did not lose your soul, you did not lose your courage, you
did not lose your tenacity to bring the light of Mother/Father God to
Earth. And all of you swore you would ensure that the true message of
light will be engraved in every particle of sand on Mother Earth's
body. And here you are. You do not all remember agreeing to this, but
you are here and you are a warrior on the pathway of light. You are
no longer a warrior on the pathway of fear. Celebrate the ceremony of
life. Celebrate the ritual of creation that brought you back, that
manifested a new life form and the life form you have given birth to
in the form of other human beings; a project of healing modalities,
of creativity, is carrying the legacy of God into the future. It has
brought the Golden Age back to life. You see, it is your proof that
light and truth cannot be destroyed. The Golden Age that once was has
returned and it is
even more powerful. You are stronger, you are wiser, you are Masters
and I know you remember this.

Take time to look at all the aspects of life and what it brings you
and what it removes. Choose time in your day and in the cycles of
Mother Earth to perform rituals, to celebrate with ceremony, to give
thanks for the miracle of life, to give thanks for the healing, for
the obstacles that have come that have, in truth, been blessings in
disguise. It is your task to remove the masks. It is your task to
remove the illusion, to reveal the truth and to give the power back
to the people. You have begun the process with yourself. One does not
have to go to church to practice ritual and ceremony, to give thanks
and to communicate with God. That has placed a limitation on the
soul's ability to communicate with Mother/Father God. Your rituals
can be for a minute anywhere, any time. Come together with other
souls to celebrate with ceremony. Give thanks for everything your
body undergoes. Give thanks for everything the Earth undergoes and
honor the ritual of life. Make it a sacred ceremony. Have I made
myself clear to all of you?

My time has come to leave, yet energetically, I am ever present and
with you. I repeat, it has been an honor to be with you today. I
shall keep your five-fold flame strong. Remember the white flame that
has sealed your energy, holding it in a higher vibration. You are no
longer a victim of the lower astral world. I am Saint Germain and I
bless you. Au revoir.

I am Kuthumi and I return at this point. Greetings, beloved ones. Are
there any questions I can assist you with regarding what Saint
Germain discussed with you?

Question: Lord Kuthumi, could you explain the five-fold flame
vibration to me?

Answer: Sister, the vibration of the five-fold flame changes in
frequency and vibration all the time. Each vibration of the flame is
utilized for specific purposes like Saint Germain did for all of you
today. The five-fold vibration specifically, is for the purpose of
penetrating all the dimensions of energy that have bound you to your
limited experience. Its vibration raises the vibration of the aspect
of self that is being held in the lower astral plane so that it may
ascend to this dimension. Do you understand?

Yes, thank you.

I see Saint Germain was quite succinct, yes? Beloved ones, is there
anything that you would like to present to spirit with that you would
like assistance with that we can facilitate before seal this energy

Question: How is Saint Germain connected to Merlin?

Answer: If you could imagine Merlin as a body of energy and that body
manifests a form, it would manifest in a number of the Masters that
you have come to know and love. The energy of Merlin is an unlimited
energy and, in fact, if you take it even higher, you could say one of
God's names is Merlin. Do you understand?

Yes, I do, thank you. And….. (Unintelligible) with Saint Germain's
and Merlin's body of energy?

Answer: They are Lord Hilarion, Saint Germain, Serapis Bey. Lady
Guinevere is one of the feminine frequencies of his energy, as is
Lady Nada, Goddess Venus; those are the ones that you are most
familiar with.

Thank you, Kuthumi. You are welcome.
Question: And I would like some help from spirit with relationship
with my children. I feel that there is a blockage there. I feel
perhaps a bit fearful about telling them more about who I am.

Answer: In fact, brother, it is the perfect time for you to being
revealing your true self to them. The reason why we suggest this is
because it will help them to integrate their authentic selves. When
children sense any level of energy that does not hold an authentic
vibration, they put on masks. Your coming out, so to speak, will
facilitate important changes taking place in their lives at this
time, chemically, spiritually and emotionally. Do you understand? We
suggest you invoke the support systems of each of your children's
spirit parents as well as Lady Mary, Lord Jesus and any other being
of light who you know works with your children. They will create an
energy grid to facilitate this particular process. Set the intention
that your children see the truth within you and respond, under grace,
in perfect, miraculous and harmonious ways. Ask that what you reveal
to them bring about harmonious, supportive, balanced and perfect
changes. Is this clear? And to finish off, ask that it occur in
accordance with the highest will of all souls concerned. Does that
answer your questions?
Thank you.
You are welcome.

Question: Lord Kuthumi, can you give me some indication of when I
shall be moving back to Jordan…soon?

Answer: How about you tell me? As soon as possible. Then that is what
you must create, yes? You do realize you are experiencing accelerated
initiation into the world of co-creation? This is true. So use your
power and make it happen.
Thank you.
You are welcome. Before I continue, however, let me just explain
something to you sister. Time is an illusion. Therefore, if I give
you a date, do you know what I do?
Create an idea in my mind.
Yes. And it limits your ability to make it happen sooner - or later.
You know what you need to do, as does every soul. Therefore, placing
any date or time in your mind disempowers you. Therefore, we leave
the slate clean for you to do as you wish.
That is quite empowering.
Good, then I have completed my mission for today. (laughter)

Is there anything else?

Question: Lord Kuthumi, over the last few months I have been
experiencing quite ________pain during my menstrual period and I was
just wondering the reason for this and is there anything I can do to
alleviate some of the pain.

Answer: Sister, many women are experiencing this at this time. It is
as a result of a very powerful activation of the Goddess energy.
Every woman on the planet who is connected to the Goddess energy in a
conscious way such as women on your path, are experiencing certain
levels of discomfort or an increase in the menstrual flow at some
time because it is a release of the dense vibrations. It is a
breakdown of the force field of limitations and disempowerment that
has prevented the Goddess from stepping fully into the power of her
base and sacral charkas. Therefore, it is shedding the cells of
limitation around women not being able to embrace their full passion,
denying their receptivity, fighting against their ability to be
flexible and grow with the change. Do you understand?

Question: Lord Kuthumi, what is the impact of birth control pills?

Answer: The impact of birth control pills has always affected women
because it alters their hormonal systems. This is why many people who
are actively searching for alternative methods of birth control and
all sorts of other products are all so vital at the moment. However,
one of the Goddesses did explain, in depth, that when a woman is
fully in touch and aligned with her body, she will be able to use her
mind and her energy to control her ability to conceive or not. You
see, when a woman, and a man for that matter, is in harmony with the
Divine Plan of Mother/Father God, including the plan of their own
lives, consciously the connect with the plan of an incoming soul and
connect with the soul's desire to incarnate. They will then give
permission, on all levels, for the conception to take place. The only
reason why birth control is in existence is because people fear
getting pregnant. Why must one fear getting pregnant if it is part of
the plan? The reason why they fear it is because they do not know the
plan, because humans have become detached, disconnected, separate and
many believe it is a burden to be a parent. Do you see how far
humanity has to go in the walk of re-merging with God? Not the
external God, but the God within. When men and women surrender to the
will of Mother/Father God, they will realize they are surrendering to
the will of their souls. And then, contraception will not be needed
because they will know exactly when a soul is willing to come. They
will know if there is an option to negotiate with the soul for a
later time or to use someone else in the family or community as a
vessel or means to come through. Even in the case of surrogacy or
adoption, all will know the plan. And that is the template for the
Golden Age. Does it make sense?

You see, humanity's disconnection with self is what has brought
disease about, which has brought about the need for medicine, as you
know it. Anything else?

Question: Lord Kuthumi, in terms of the work that I am doing on the
project for continuing professional development points in the medical
profession, is the timing appropriate to introduce integrative
medicine into this program, an integrative medicine approach?

Answer: Yes it is. Lord Arcturius has already grounded that energy
system, so yes it is. Perhaps you can ask him to work on the project
with you.

Thank you, I'll do that. And then one other thing I needed to ask;
what next do I need to do in terms of my relationship with

Let us ask you what your instinct is?
I think it's to let it go and allow a new beginning.

And why do you doubt this?
Because I'm not sure if the toxicity has been flushed thoroughly.
What do you think is still there? What comes to mind immediately?
Maybe an imbalance of power?
Then that is what you must address. The reason why I asked you what
you feel rather than me telling you is because it is a lesson to
apply in all future questions such as this and all of you can learn
from this. When in doubt, ask yourself what you are afraid of, what
you are out of alignment with. Entertain everything. One of the
reasons why people manifest problems is because of denial. The reason
why people go into denial is because they are afraid of the truth.
But it is far more empowering to face the truth and get it over and
done with than to remain in denial and drag the process out for many
more cycles. Address the power issue then, sister, even if it is only
within your own heart that you experience an imbalance in power. Then
you can go through it with yourself. Do you understand?
Yes, I do.
And then all will come to be in a state of harmony.
Thank you
very much.
You are welcome.

Question: Lord Kuthumi, what do you see as significance of bringing
aloe into products in healing and ___________?

Answer: Besides their ability to give you a wake-up call? Yes. Very
well. Sister, their vibration is very similar to that of the
combination of Sirius and Arcturius. Lord Arcturus is the most
powerful force of energy currently active in your universe as far as
medical technology is concerned. Your doctors and his medical team
have gathered all the most advanced systems of healing and medical
technology in the form of vibration and other forms of healing. The
aloe has always held that imprint. Sirius holds a very powerful,
emotional healing an energy healing with regards to the vibrations
emitted by animals that you know such as the dolphins, the whales,
the feline family and elephants. These physical creatures hold the
keys to releasing the mind and the heart of disease. Those two
energies combined make for a very powerful healing mechanism. When
aloe is ingested into the body or placed upon the physical body, it
triggers the associated healing processes to bring what Arcturus and
Sirius hold in place. Do you understand?

Yes I do, thank you.
You are welcome.

Beloved ones, it is time now to bring the transmission to its close.
Your energies are transitioning back into 3rd dimension and the
complete process of grounding the five-fold flame into your physical
bodies has completed itself. Therefore, we embrace each of you in the
power and light of all that you are and all that you have been
and all that you shall come to be. We support each of you and guide
you along the path of truth and bless you with the inner strength,
the courage, the patience, the perseverance, the trust and all the
other qualities of light you require to support you in seeing your
journey through to completion. Trust in the many invisible arms that
hold you and know that ever do you ever walk along and never will
you, for we are all one and we are with you always in all ways. May
the light of Mother/Father God shine brightly upon the path you walk
and may every step you take be a confident one and may all always be
well in your world. I am Kuthumi, Cohan of the golden ray of love and
wisdom and I greet and bless you in love.