Rules of Contact




Rules of Contact



ALIENSHIFT Rules of Ethics in Contact:


Alienshifter is the one who takes the Oath in order to uphold and defend Humanity and their Rights in any contact with Alien or Extraterrestrial beings in addition to represent the Earth in contact and communication with Star Visitors from all other Planets or in the Council of the Worlds and Federation of Planets.


1-What distinguishes the Alienshifter from others is the Sense of Responsibility for the Future of Mankind especially in regards to the Alien Contact which is due any moment with mass UFO landing.


2-Alienshifter has many qualities, he or she lives on total Faith in himself and his Creator, Fears no one Loves all and believes that all beings are but one interconnected in the Matrix.


3-Alienshifter believes that he or she has a mission to save and Preserve Humanity from all disasters and critical moments such as Pole Shift or WW III.


4-Alienshifter respects all Beliefs and religions since they were given by the Creator to help Man in the search for freedom.


5-Alienshifter telepathically connects and communicates with Extraterrestrial beings on all different levels and Dimensions without even shifting between those dimensions and traveling thru the Star Gates.


6-Alienshifter welcomes all Star Visitors with open arms as an Emissary of The Planet Earth regardless of the Alien Race, Shape or form of the Visitor.


7-Alienshifter may upon agreement at any point in Time visit other galaxies with the help of Star Travelers or to move permanently and habitat other planets.


8-Alienshifter sees the past, present and future of humanity as only a Karmic Wheel of actions and reactions and finds no need to get involved but he or she stands aside and observes all Events pass by one by one and only act as an observer and not involved in the final World wide Conflict.


9-Alienshifter study daily and researches on UFOLOGY Alientology and meditates on the Truth and Light helps and defends all his Group members no matter where in the World or outer world they may be.


10-Alienshifter does not bare ARMS but only to defend.


11-Alienshifter does not join any Alien forces that are in service only to their own cause but Co-Operates with races who are visiting Earth in order to help Humanity.


12-Alienshifter is the Free Citizen of the World does not partake in any Nationalistic or Racial movement in order to help few and not others, Loves all as one.  



QUESTION #1: Can you describe the location of the
                  star system from
which you originate?
Kyador said: "We do not have a home planet. The galactic judges
are usually active on an intergalactic level most of the time.
Central control is more termed our home, which is known to us as
Saturnalia, located on one of Saturn's moons. Your feelings on
sternness that you felt when
                  looking at my picture are accurate and
you are right. I am mainly that way WHILE WORKING, but I also have
other moods. And no, sternness is not a Saturnalia quality. How
can a person define the qualities of MANY different people and
beings that are all working together, and place them into a
category?" (He asked that i try to explain because he is not a
linguistics expert. I told him neither am I, but I will try.)
Me: So far, Earth has mainly been dealing with races who's citizens
are all from one specific "home world". Pleiadians have their home
planet, and within that world they have their own government,
citizens, and social structures. Same with Arcturians. On and on
it goes. Whereas in Central control, there are many different
races working and living together, including humans. Humans right
from earth as well. There are representatives of many worlds within
the Federation, that all live/work out of Central Control itself.
It is a huge place. They don't "own" the planet. They live there,
and are stationed there. And if you want to view it in ways
of "ownership", it would be all the different races "owning" it
together. So this is not the same as those who have "one race"
living in/on a planet.
Then you also have a variety of ships that are specific to each
planet. They do stay more "close to home" or local, wherever that
might be. There are also intergalactic ships that leave Central
Control and take on a variety of missions and they can be gone
long periods of time. Then
                  they return when they are through to get
the next assignment. Kyador is one that does these types of
missions. He is the youngest one of 7. He and the other 6 like
himself have very large ships. Their crew numbers anywhere from
325 - 350 people/beings per ship. Again they are like the "mobile
homes of Central Control" and there is a variety of races on each
ship. They are also the most heavily armed ones known as well.
They have to be because of the job they do, combined with being
far from "home" many times.
Kyador again: "Would you tell him I do not have people". (in
reference to the statement he noticed about "Kyador and his people"
in one of your mails.) We do not own or claim each other. No
matter what jobs we have. Those that are part of my "crew" are
by choice. There are not
                  "millions" sitting on a planet somewhere
with me being the "leader" of that.
2. Can you describe
                  the most important characteristics of your
society and history?
                  people truly want contact, need to embark on really EXPANDING
their awareness of how HUGE the Galactic Federation is. Last
calculated, very recently..ha ha...there were approximately 5,000
planets that are members of the Galactic Federation, believe it
not. There are many planets,
                  and many different "jobs'"that people
have and can take. There are law counsels, there are educators,
scientists, engineers, law enforcement, "mechanics" (for lack of a
better word..ha ha), on and on it goes. This goes for within each
planet, as well as within the Federation "headquarters". Each soul
has within them or is given what it needs so as to do the job of
their choice to the best of their abilities. All beings are equal,
power matters not. The scientist is just as happy with what he
and is, as the "planetary
                  master". Things are not even remotely
viewed in terms of "this one has more power than that one", even tho
different positions require different levels of "power". There are
no feelings of "i am "behind" because of my level of
power/understanding/knowledge". There are no feelings of inadequacy
or inferiority. This is non-existent. Each soul has it's own
specialty and its own gifts to offer.
All people/beings have the basics for survival and comfort, so there
is no "wanting" or "lacking" scenarios. There is no over-excessive
hoarding or one person with an over-abundance while others have
little. All use/take what
                  is necessary for their daily living and
comfort and do not desire or crave having any more than that. Nor
does anyone become obsessed with "attaining more" that what they
need. So there is enough to go around for everyone. (nor are these
behaviors allowed) None place any of these things over the well
being of others. When a mass of people get together that all live
the same basic ways, it is like a well oiled machine in action.
Many people out there have loving qualities within them, but very
few take the job of coming here and/or associating with too many
here, because of the nature of this place, and it is not necessary
for them to do so. Furthermore, it is not without a gamble when
some do choose to, because one does take the chance of becoming
slightly lost, even if they weren't initially, to say the least..ha
ha! Others have walked the earth and then returned to their "home
world" as well, so yes, that too is possible.
No "book'"or "bible" is necessary nor does the federation have these
things, because all have reached the stage and live the ways of
love, honor and respect already. That combined with the direct
relationship with "the all that is"...the Creator, creative force
(terms here) negates religion and books from being necessary. In

some ways the halls of the Federation is similar
                  to earth but on a
much LARGER scale. To describe "our ways and characteristics" is
include any planet that is
                  of the federation. If you want specifics
on each world, that is up to them if they choose to give it. But no
matter where the being/person/entity is from, they don't have the
corruption and the nasty "soul qualities" that some Earth people
have. Not saying federation is perfect. It is saying that we value
love above all else and control those things about ourselves that
erode away at the peace and harmony attained. These undesirable
qualities are are strictly forbidden and you do meet with those
will help work it out of
                  you real quick if it is found within you
for any length of time..ha ha! The only ones who seem to get angry
over this are those who are, by nature, turned in ways that would
be "unacceptable" and do not want to do the work required to change
There is a centralized "head quarters" so to speak. It is the core
of the Federation, which is called central control (best words
available..ha) On Earth, people deal with only a few different
colors, religions and races
                  (and it seems, as a race, there are many
problems) but out there, is all manner of appearances and customs
that are intermixed and all beings manage to live "as one" in
harmony. (keeping there individuality too...unlike the stories
the "hive mentality" that
                  seem to circulate ha ha) Each planet has
their own "ways"of being that are unique to that world, but all in
all, Federation planets do live by the same "basic" laws of love,
honor and respect. In central control and on some of the larger
inter-galactic ships there is usually a wide variety of different
races all working together.
Now, customs and such are fine to have, the main "rule" is this. Do
no hurt or harm to any being with what you are/what you choose to
manifest or represent. No one has the right to force another how
think/be in federation worlds.
                  All things are seen as "holy". So
                  religions of Earth, would not be too popular, given their "rules
and regulations" of how one must act, dress, show love,
and "manifest holiness". Certain rituals taught here as "holy"
neither here nor there in
                  the scheme of things. Think of the
                  perception problems that arise and/or exist between those
of different faiths/ways here. Not always does one act on them
here, but their reaction within is very predominate.
People "bristle" and seethe within, and smile on the outside here.
That will be known by all out there. There is no hiding behind
smile. None of the things taught
                  in this place are MANDATORY, as
                  as hair, clothing, rituals performed. In fact for the most part
they are not even needed here either, but most people would really
get upset over that one..ha ha! Nor are religions considered
the "ways of the universe" no matter what religion is being
Each soul has it's own past life experiences, its own path etc., and
there are no two EXACTLY alike. If you have the basic qualities
like tolerance, kindness, love, honor and respect, compassion,
honesty, you have the basics for what will be needed "out there"
where the environment is even more diverse than this world. Whether
you choose to serve in central control, or stationed on a planet
on a ship, there is much diversity.
                  High tolerance is mandatory,
                  many different ways there are, for people/beings to manifest
what they are, as well as how they choose to "give honor to the
Creator", whom they choose to love and how etc. These things are
more of a personal preference again, as long as one's choice does
not hurt/harm to another and those that choose to interact/be
involved with each other do so by mutual consent. There is no game
playing or lying so there is no fear of whether or not you
are "about to get tricked or stabbed in the back".
In addition, there is no "marriage" like on earth. Men and women
freely move in and out of personal relationships with each other
the time. And they manage
                  to stay loving while doing so..ha ha!
People do not stay confined only to their race either. Love is
love. It blooms where it will. Outer appearance has nothing to do
with it. It is not something that ends up consuming their every
waking moment however! The personal side to life does not take
precedence over what needs to be done. In the life of a federation
member, no matter how screwed up your personal life may be ha
ha...when duty calls, you respond, and can do so immediately. It
for the greater good and is
                  the CHOSEN responsibility of each
                  Each soul is and maintains their level of
responsibility to their chosen job WILLINGLY. Laziness is not
allowed. Everyone must do SOMETHING. Many times, the larger the
job one has, the less time for anything in a personal sense. Which
is different than earth in the sense that so many loose jobs or
cannot function properly if they are not happy in their personal
relationships first and foremost. People here seem obsessed
with "their personal life" and recreational time (on the inside)
So much so it even effects
                  their performance at work, at home
                  On a larger scale, it ultimately effects how the entire
planet functions, believe it or not.
                  the federation, involvement in a personal relationship must be
based in and governed by love, honor and respect for the other.
Period. There is no "possession" over another and so forth. There
is no jealousy and all that comes with the "possession" scenario.
Men and women also care for themselves, and when necessary/needed
they also care for each other without having to be reminded, asked,
prompted. And they do so without without needing the "intimate
relationship scenario" to motivate them. It is a way of life and
not based on love in the personal sense as it seems to be on earth.
(i.e. he is my husband/father/mother/brother...therefore i will
for him (and not always
                  is that the case either)...but watch out to
the stranger on the street who walks by and yet has no blood and/or
intimate ties..ha ha)
Most people here, that are not "living right", have the rewards of
that already, which is loneliness, bitterness, anger,
discontentment, jealousy, hate (all these things are very unpleasant
to have within) down here there is war, and disease, sorrow etc...
Out there, among the regular people, these things are unheard of.
The "conflict situations" are not brought even close to the "regular
citizens". (there are those souls that enjoy living on the edge
usually opt for jobs which
                  involve the conflict situations.) But a
majority do not. To the regular citizen, this place looks "very
scary"..ha ha! Especially for those that have never incarnated here
Kindness, love, honor and respect, is a way of life for those "out
there" no matter what "home" planet they are from. It goes to the
core of their being, it is not something they have to TRY to do,
something they need to "work
                  on" but it is something they are. Many
times they do not even remotely understand actions/behavior contrary
to these things. Some have never "fallen". Some have "fallen" or
made mistakes, and then returned back, learning and realizing where
they erred. But either way, their basic reactions to situations
peaceful, docile and loving.
                  They would be easily taken advantage
                  used and abused. (the regular citizens) Some would be easily
manipulated etc, IF the manipulative types or those with undesirable
qualities were allowed to walk there. Many people in worlds out
there do not "see evil", yet most people here see evil in many
things where there is none. Disrespect, jealousy and things like
this are non-existent. Arrogance is not within, nor is hate and
all the things that are not acceptable.
There is no such thing as "abduction" because that is highly
illegal. Those planets that have been converged upon by forces
attempting a "take over", merely report that directly to Federation
Headquarters, and then those that are in the "law enforcement"
are sent in to run them
                  off. They do their job well ha ha! In
spite of what other races might say, these "galactic judges" are at
the "top" of the Federation and just under the being that is
termed "galactic master". (there are galactic judges and
terrestrial judges who handle the "local" stuff ha ha) There is
order kept in the universe to the best of any beings abilities,
except for those who do not wish it. Those planets are left alone
as they wish.
Now in reference to meeting with those of the federation, and who
live "out there", there is a TON that must be done before a being
from the Federation can meet with a person here to even being the
hard task of "BRIDGING THE GAP". One small example, they have to
learn the language of the person whom they choose to contact. To
heck with meetings between worlds, it is hard enough to bridge
gap between someone of earth
                  and someone out there so as to learn
                  about each other and each other's world. Not always is that
easy. An example, what might be taught in an alien world in terms
of "earth verbalistics", may not be the 'lingo' of the day..he
he..makes for interesting and even humorous communications! (not
mention the physical preparation
                  necessary before meetings on a
                  level can take place talked about in a previous post) In
addition, not always does the relationship LAST. One soul or the
other can become too frustrated, which can hinder their soul
progression more than be helpful. With all that goes along with
this scenario, sometimes it is necessary for one or the other,
get out of the relationship.
                  Soul development and spiritual
                  is at the VERY TOP of the priority list, for any/all
involved. It is required of the federation member to maintain what
they are, and it is also required from the person contacted here
also live, learn and maintain
                  themselves in a more loving/decent way
(if they were not already doing so). Goes without saying that both
people involved do change in some ways, when this type of meeting
occurs ha ha. By joining the federation you agree to live their
beliefs to the best of your abilities. An example, the person in
contact with a Federation member, decides to start being cruel
others. This would be chastised.
                  If the person still decides to
                  there behavior, or defend their position, odds are they
will ultimately loose their contact. Worse yet, if they
continue/pursue, they will be escorted to a place where people live
in the same ways they believe in. The Federation won't stand with
or allow people that live like that to be involved with people
their worlds, they would
                  be risking themselves to continue being
dragged along with a person that does not agree with their ways.
They have a right to be live as they choose, and so does the person
going in a different direction. Since nothing is forced, that
causes the relationship to end. Call it what you will, it is the
only way to prevent the federation from being affected and/or taken
over by those who would do nothing but destroy it as well as
preserve it for future generations. (which includes people of earth
too for those that are interested..ha ha)
Free will is honored as all beings have rights to venture into what
they wish, as well as retreat if they feel the urge and/or need
do so. This becomes a massive
                  problem when dealing with earth
                  because in general Earth people can become too clingy, or
jealousy and distention rises up, especially with those directly

around the 'contactee'. (family/friends/non-believers)
                  Others would
merely use the relationship to benefit themselves either for
financial gain or for other reasons, which are too numerous to
list. There is so much that factors into things it would blow the
mind of most. It is definitely not the "easy road" in any sense.
NO SOUL is endangered in any way, spiritually or otherwise, whether
they be here or out there. A couple examples where things go awry
is, people here would become angry and/or impatient when
their "contact" needs a break, or when their "contact" chooses
leave. It seems to bring much
                  pain to some people. Others become
                  possessive and ATTEMPT to exercise THEIR WILL over another, with
all manner of wrong behavior, in the attempt to make the "being"
from out there stay in their lives. People do this to each other
here too. So many things are tested and must be considered before
soul is on the road to contact,
                  and for the sake of all involved.
                  it is for the good of all beings involved.
Out there, each
                  being has their own unique "soul drive", which is
listened too.
It must
                  be, because to commune with the Creator and not do this is
                  soul, goes against their own inner guidance system out there.
There are many jobs. There is no "more important" and "less
important" job. It is people here that choose to raise one being
over another, or place more importance on one soul or job over
another. This is not found out there. If anyone wants to interact
with the decent ones, they need to realize this, and go within
get rid of that perception
                  totally and all that goes along with it,
otherwise, it has a very bad effect on the relationship. Most often
times we are the ones that cannot hold the "mutual" friendship type
stance, and it is people here that are seeing "hierarchy", when
one does out there. It is
                  another quick way to jeopardize the
Since there is a general vibe that ALL ARE EQUAL, no matter what job
they have, it lessens the urges to "move to the top". No one
desires to do and be anything, other than what THEY ARE! In the
worlds out there...there is no "top", there is only "what is
destined by the Creator". There is also diversity in the sense
not every soul wants to
                  go into the SAME position. One could be
VERY spiritually advanced, but have and main interest in the science
field, so why would they try to be on "law counsel" or why would
they even have an urge to go for a "planetary master" position?
example) The drive/desire
                  would not be within them to do so.
To go against that which is your destiny given by the Creator,
                  is a
crime.(unfortunately here
                  many times one has to drop their "soul
drive" for survival purposes and in time it can ultimately lead to
a "death like" state of being, (along with depression,
unhappiness,and many other undesirable fruits) To go against what
is naturally and inherently in the soul, is viewed as, going against
the "soul drive", which is the divine part of you. It is the thing
that is "of the creator", thus if not heeded, one is going against
themselves, and against the Creator itself. (if the voice within
telling you to do hurt/harm
                  to another, you are listening to the
                  voice...ha ha...)
Many times on earth, one's inner guidance tells a person one thing,
but then they go against it because of "society" or "peer
pressure", "family pressures", ultimately becoming someone they
not over time. Or people
                  try to be like someone else, which again
goes against who YOU are. Or you have to give up your TRUE passion
so as to provide for a family etc. This places the soul further
from the Creator, and further from anything that can come from
relationship. It can also
                  taint or alter the inner guidance system
over time and if done enough. It also places a person further
from "knowing oneself" if you are trying to become someone else.
Many try to pattern themselves after certain "spiritual leader",
that position was already
                  taken by another soul. They fail to see
they are imitating another, instead of just being themselves. This
is sad, but it is very predominate down here. And many times it is
what is actually TAUGHT from birth on. However, the more one
ignores the soul drive/voice/person within, the further they stray
off their god given path, and the more unhappy they become. Some
have strayed so far they no longer have that part of them that
given by the creator accessible
                  to them or "alive within them".
                  is the state of being 'cut off' or "fallen". All of these
scenarios are not present in federation worlds.
People/beings in the federation are not forced or held to taking
jobs they do not like or that is not something they were/are
naturally drawn to, and or created for. There is no having to give
up your passions for other things. There are no "survival issues"
like on earth which frees up much time to be what you were destined
to be. HOWEVER, there is natural respect given to those "further
along". No question on that one and it does not take a genius to
spot who they are ha ha. Earth and a few other places is where
find the twisted things involving
                  leaders and hierarchy. But that
                  not mean in loving worlds there is no "order" etc...
                  citizens out there for the most part, are very meek, mild
and loving. All regular "citizens" have and maintain a direct
relationship to "the source".(down here it is sometimes
called "doing manna" or communing) It is a requirement in worlds
out there to do so. The creator is the best at not only giving
blessings but also giving chastisement directly. No one would go
against that. Those that have, have suffered the loss of that
direct relationship. The regular citizen is not told what to do
when, as it is not necessary. HOWEVER, if a being ahead of them
does tell them to do something, they listen, because they KNOW
and in truth, where they
                  are in the scheme of things and what their
exact level of progression is versus those destined and who are in
the "leadership" type roles. They do TRUST their leadership with
everything in them. They do not have people wandering the halls
questioning those in the leadership positions and filling their
worlds with suspicion and doubt as so often times is seen here.
leaders out there have definitely
                  earned that trust, unlike the
                  people are used to on earth. Out there, it goes along with
that respect issue. All have and do respect their leaders with
everything in them. All stand in agreeance and compliance to this,
and also stand with the belief that there is no cruelty allowed,
tyranny, etc. To question
                  and/or doubt these things would be viewed
with shock and even horror. These are things that are once again
learned on earth and maybe in a couple of other worlds, but do not
exist within the federation. It is very easy to maintain when whole
worlds all live with these beliefs. And simply put, it does not
take a rocket scientist to see the qualities of being in certain
leaders out there. Most beings are capable of that. There are a
few leaders who are known on a "intergalactic" level and have
achieved a state of being that most have not yet. Those that
are "at the top" are actually the most humble, most beautiful souls
one could meet.
Down here people would see that to interact with a decent being from
out there, is not what most believe. It is our lack of knowledge of
this area, as well as the misrepresentation of the "benevolent
beings" from people DOWN HERE, that has really done serious damage
to perception of what it is like in the decent contact scenarios.
They are not here to take over, or control the world, (it would
probably be more awesome if they did however, .those controlling
world today sure aren't doing
                  too well, but unfortunately their laws
prohibit "taking over" does NOT prohibit getting involved
however, which is another very serious misconception here, whether
believed or not)
But there is a way that has to be followed, to do it.
There is a BIG difference between true evil and corruption, and
those who "make mistakes". People really need to realize that.
Most that make mistakes have been labeled as "evil" by people HERE,
even if they are not and have only made a mistakes. (the down side
to any "religion" and it's teachings) As i said, out there all
things about you will be known. But you are not frowned upon
for "making mistakes".
Corrupt/wicked souls are not allowed to return to the direct
relationship with the Creator, because it would be destructive to
their soul. They are also not allowed to be incorporated into
worlds within the Galactic Federation. No matter how hard they
they will never attain that
                  relationship with the Creator, and will
never walk in more decent worlds out there, until they fix
themselves and become more like those they would choose to live
with. For those souls that are loving, kind, after they are done
here doing whatever it is they came to do/learn...a "Federation
training center" has been set up and is sometimes used to work
the negative effects of the
                  wrong programming one received in their
last life. This center acclimates the soul to the general way of
life "out there". The souls that choose to stay, go on to
wherever/whatever they are interested in. There are others who
have already repaired that relationship with the Creator, and walk
here once again, to aid others. In addition, there are also people
that have already been incorporated into other worlds "out there",
and go back and forth, but they will remain "unknown" to the masses
and continue to do so for their own safety and the safety and well
being of them and their families. It is possible to do that as
Yes you can/do also get a body. One that can be more specifically
designed to the job you take/choose. A scientific mind might work
bit differently than an educators
                  mind would work (an example).
                  can be and is done genetically, believe it or not. Depending
on the job one takes, depends on the type of "body" or "vehicle"
they might choose to go with. Would you do a construction job with
a corvette? ha ha. Similarly, there are different "body types",
specifically designed to give maximum performance, depending on
what the job is. Also, one job might require more patience than
another, so souls with more of that quality might choose a job
would utilize the over-abundance
                  of patience they have, like an
                  Or child-raising. There are centers where all the young
are raised, and by those who are specifically geared toward doing so
with the maximum amount of love, patience and guidance possible.
There is no child abuse or neglect. We are all brothers/sisters
there is no need for "different
                  parents". All are raised in
                  "centers" initially. Then they branch off into the areas they
were created for/destined for when they are ready.
Yes, even the top, most advanced, benevolent civilizations use
genetic encoding and/or artificial means to "grow" the
embryo/fetus. Even the human type ET's do this, believe it or not.
Another area that will hold earth back in a massive degree is seeing
evil in genetic manipulation when there is none. Seeing evil in
ridding the deformed fetus BEFORE birth breeds a society that is
deformed, and by choice. The federation worlds already KNOW
FACTUALLY that the soul enters the body AT BIRTH and not before.
fetus is nothing more than
                  a piece of tissue until the TRUE LIFE
FORCE enters. But on Earth, many view abortion as a "sin". It is
perceptions like these that will hold this world back for a long
time to come. But it is not within Federation worlds and none of
these things are viewed as "sinful" in the eyes of the creator
either. The creator does not demand that any soul take a life that
is "impaired". When this is found on a genetic level, it is gotten
rid of. It is a horrible thing to more advanced societies to
sentence a person to life in a malfunctioning and/or diseased body.
How can anyone properly serve the Creator or any world in that
shape? Needless to say there is no '"disease" or "malfunctioning"
bodies. If earth wishes to advance, this is one area they are going
to have to seriously reconsider before they can do so.
But again "religion" teaches anything but the truth in certain
I do not know where the misconception came from that aliens do
feel emotions. That also
                  could not be further from the truth. Many
have emotions just like earth people. The difference is they can
control their emotions, instead of letting their emotions control
them. And you know when they "let it flow" it can be MUCH STRONGER
than an earth person's emotions, believe it or not. But they may
not always react in exactly the same way or over the same things
earth person would. It does
                  not mean they are emotionless.
Those that are truly in positions of power out there most definitely
HEAR and LISTEN to things given by people here and/or out there.
is a mutual sharing that goes
                  on for those involved with
                  like this. They take some of the ideas here and also
incorporate them into their world so as to make it even better than
before. All learn, all progress, always! They give
knowledge/information as well. And yes love, honor and respect
given. Since THEY do not see
                  hierarchy out there, why would they
                  venture forth and deal with someone "small and unknown" by
earth's standards, let's say like me for example. (he he, and there
are others) People here are included in these processes as if they
were "one of their own" because by living certain ways, you
automatically agree and become such. You do not become a "slave"'.
That sounds more like earth based "fear" talking than actual
3: Has your society
                  ever gone thru something similar to Earth in
terms of subversion by external races such as the Grays or
"our society"
                  has beings of all walks of life. There are some
victims of subversion in many ways due to past lives lived, even on
earth. So we are not exempt from having specialists who not only
know how that feels but also are wise to how the more
negative "renegade factions" are operating. But "the federation
itself" has not been subdued since the beginning of it's existence
that we know of. (eons ago) There have been planets that have turned
in reports of ATTEMPTS that have been made on their world, but
is as far as it went. We
                  move instantly when it is brought to our
#4: Can you describe the nature of your activities on Earth and
long you have been here?
Just as long as humans have existed, so also has the Federation and
the worlds within it existed. INCLUDING humans. Humans are
indigenous to the galaxy...not the earth. Earth is merely a place
one passes through. But it is a very temporary place if you really
think about it. Humans have existed out there as long as and
before "the beginning" as this world calls it. So where exactly
you from??? I guess it is
                  safe to say "since before recorded time"
we have been involved. The "we" encompasses those in human form as
well as those who may not be. It is a big and diverse "system" out
#5 Please describe how you assist individual humans and what your
goals are in such assistance:
Depends on the human, and it depends on whether or not a human is
open to 'other ways' than only what they have been taught HERE. Or
have they become so corrupted and/or set in their teachings in
life that it could actually
                  jeopardize them more to be "contacted"?
Is the human a kind soul that is truly interested in loving and
aiding his/her "fellow man"/alien etc..(ha) or is the person in it
for "self" and all the "temporary" things offered in this place
a "reward" for "coming forward"
                  etc. To aid or become involved in
                  is to make it grow. (much to the shock of those who do
not understand why love is not shown the "wicked" is...but it
is a different type of love..."tough love" very definitely applies
in some cases) And our stance is to try to assist any person that
wants to CHOOSE to live in kind, loving, decent ways. Whether they
know we are around or not. That does not matter. Most often times
in this world, those are the types that are kicked around far more
than many that choose to "conform" to the ways of this place. They
go without in many ways too. So sometimes aid of a different nature
is given. Otherwise those meek, mild souls could end up in very
shape due to the levels of
                  cruelty in this place. We don't want to
take over the world...we have our own as stated before. Humans are
very much a part of it as well, and by choice, which negates the
need to "get humans" as we have sometimes seen in the fear based
thinking going on. Those humans who wish to, come to us. Don't
worry we find them and we can go to them too. Two way street. Our
door is always open to them as well. UNLESS they choose to live
ways that are unacceptable
                  by EVERYONE'S standards, humans
                  Our "acceptable" ways of being do match those basics
taught on earth, the biggest difference lies in the "applying and
living" areas. While everyone lives it in our world, on earth it
quite contrary to that. With
                  the EXCEPTION being "the few" that live
it down here (hopefully that will change). We also will not go
where we know we are not wanted, and this we can find out rather
Assistance can be as small as using mind powers etc...
and "willing" things to happen in a person's life so as to uplift
their quality of life a bit or sometimes to aid those who have
chosen "the larger missions" (Earth's perception, to us the job
of "a housewife" is no less important than those in the public
there is no "bigger" or
                  "smaller", all are worthy jobs, especially
when done in and with is love) But you know those
smaller people whom no one knows or who have been pushed under
society itself and are deemed "worthless/unknown". (not that they
are) Let's say for example one like this need a job...then all
                  of a
sudden an avenue "opens
                  up" they did not expect. It "lands in their
lap and comes out of the blue". The rest is up to them. We cannot
live other people's lives for them as we too have to live our own.
Usually, believe it or not, it is not always the BIG things but
small things that can bring
                  about change. Unlike many believe
We have been known to also "heal", not that we always announce
or how we did. There are
                  cases in this world that are "not
                  by medical personnel. Why do you think that is? Those
that have and use the power of the Creator are quite capable of
healing. Nor do they want "credit". HOWEVER there are things
involved and this is a touchy area. For instance, some souls
choose to come here and experience disease and what it is like
have one (believe it or not).
                  Others are here for karmic reasons
                  to stand between them and the Creator is a big no-no. It cannot
be, and one can loose anything they have achieved if they act
contrary to that, including their own relationship with the Creator
and all that goes with it. Not to mention taking the receiver's
given path and life lessons
                  away from them by choosing to alter
Or aid can be as large as having to give back up, while a soul
the Christ being decides
                  to come in for the sake of all. (he brought
quite a bit into this world that was previously unspoken, and in
truth, UFO's/aliens and the basics of the Federation included, but
it never made it "into the book". Back up might include running
any/all forces/beings off that would divert the mission from being
accomplished. Those who take jobs like that are not in it for
self. They are not in it to 'take over' or 'rule'...but to bring
TRUTH and LOVE on a larger scale, in hopes humanity will respond
with the same, which is their right if they CHOOSE to. And those
aiding in the background of that last mission, had to stand and
watch while his last days took place (as in the Christ being's
case). This is no easy task for any beings that were involved
either. God's will did take precedence as it always has and always
will. By the way, that was the biggest contribution to humanity
that we can think of.(***answer to your question #9 asking..."what
would you consider to be your most important contribution to the
evolution of humanity"?) Please know we ATTEMPT to bring larger
truths here, as well as assist in other ways, with and/or without
proof, both have been done, but what Earth does with it is another
thing. There were many involved, believe it or not. They are still
involved and have been since, it is not in the public eye however.
Makes one wonder what IS going on "in private" doesn't it? Live
learn...that applies everywhere.
                  "Going public" is not ALWAYS the
                  used. And look at what we have found that is left of what was
brought then...not much.
                  goals? Nothing. We already have our world/our ways and we like
them quite well. We are happy, healthy and living in peace. We did
not choose to answer your questions for US, but for you. We have
our contacts and are quite happy living and growing together and
have been doing so for quite some time. We need not "go public"
disrupt things to do that.
                  And yet, here we are watching the "P-4-
C" group. They yearn for something other than what they have made
their way through so far down here. How can we pass by and look
away? So we try to offer what we can too, believed or not.
But honestly, what are YOUR goals? That is more the question. Do
you wish to incorporate someday into a larger system of things
there' and stand for what
                  true human beings can be? (a question for
each soul) This is not about us, as we are already there and living
our lives. This is about those who yearn HERE. This is about those
who want something different than what they have been offered so
and how to get it from where
                  you stand as well as travel elsewhere
if you choose and the opportunity presents itself. It's for those
who have been mistreated based on their beliefs in aliens/ufo's
etc.. For those who diligently seek the truth and live in the ways
of love, but find it not returned to them. For those who are meek
and have been trampled upon by men/women who would call
themselves "human" and are far from what a true "human" should
And not that it has not been
                  offered before, but things have for
                  reasons become lost once again. We have extensively
studied this for quite some time. Shall those that are "unknown"
and those who thirst, be left to endure all that comes with living
in this world, even if they do not agree or give into it all
themselves? Just because the corruption and the tyranny and the
lies are in control? Does that not make a big statement, that to
live in those ways is the best choice? Is that the TRUTH that
mankind wants and has created? (no it is not, it just APPEARS that
way because of those "at the top") There are other ways to go about
things. We do live and learn from things in days past and alter
course appropriately so as
                  not to "make the situation worse than it
is already or to cause a "repeat" of days past. Yet, it is for the
above mentioned that we will state "our truth" as we always have,
and once again for those who are interested, but is not for us.
6: In what way do you differ from other ET groups trying to assist
in the evolution of humanity?
How do we differ? Or more the question is "how has any aid given in
this place, been PORTRAYED to others?" We understand humanity more
than some races coming and going. Why? Some of us have been humans
in many lives. We choose however, not to give into so many of the
things that those in your world do. There ARE ways around "the
social barriers". There are very peaceful ways around "the system
of things" as well. But few seek to find that. Other groups that
have gotten involved, may not always know how far to take things.
Or they are representing one world of many. Our "group" if that
how it is seen, is not representing
                  "one planet" or "one way". We
                  more a group that represents many beings from all walks of
life. Many different types are incorporated into the core of the
Federation so it is not so simple as saying 'one faction' is being
represented. As far as lack of understanding for "the human
condition" and "being human" this is not something that is a problem
in our "group". Interesting how people are taught "aliens" do not
understand "humans" isn't it? Does this not create mistrust and
lack of forward movement? I wonder where those teachings are coming
from? Why would this fallacy be believed? Maybe some
factions/groups lack in understanding, but not ALL do. Once this
understanding is attained and in motion, what is there that cannot
be done to aid? It goes without saying the more power one has,
more one can do. Power of
                  any type is misused and abused in your
world however. And in many ways. This has also happened "out there"
in some cases as well. The problem lies in this world and the
corruption therein, not in the lack of understanding or movement
those out there who would
                  gladly jump in and "fix the world" if they
could. Have to get rid of the corrupt misguided teachings and the
ones living for "self" in wicked ways etc...before that becomes
possible, and it is in this area that we find ourselves in a similar
situation as some of you. Not knowing where to begin or if what
done will even be effective.
                  (how do you think the corrupt can
                  "gotten rid of"? granted we could always simply "wipe out" any
corruption, which is a possibility but what does that teach and how
would that effect those who are kind, meek and loving?). Ultimate
goal, to spread love and TRUTH as far and wide as possible before
the Creator decides things are too far gone for the planet to
continue existing as a worthy part of anything. But the odds of
getting too far without some serious and much BIGGER moves on our
part, are slim. To us however, "bigger" could be allowing some
previously "unknown" souls to come forward and share what they
know/have and if they choose it themselves FIRST. It is not asked
of them, expected or forced. And there are risks involved as well.
You will know who they are because they will take no money, they
will not give into the same forms of "social pressures" and
the "fruits of that" as others have. They will not be leading
rebellions. They will not write books and follow that path, which
again forces a person to partake of that whole scene, whether wanted
or not. How can anyone change things by partaking and acting within
the "system of things" that many do not agree with? Those that
books/information will offer
                  it freely, for whomever is interested.
There is a way to do all of this and still hold down a job to get
what is required for daily living, food etc...and without risking
your entire being and/or beliefs! Did the Christ being charge for
his god given abilities and services? Yet, he also was a
carpenter. Wonder why? (a small point some miss)
#7: Do you cooperate with other extraterrestrial groups in
assisting humanity? If so, can you describe what star systems they
come from and their specialties?
See answer 1-2 for the description of the Federation. There are too
many too well as all having their own specialties within
each race. It is also up to them to want to be listed as well.
Similar to earth and as stated before each race has their own law
councils their own scientists, communicators etc....with the
exception of the 'law enforcement' area which is usually handled
central control and by those
                  termed "galactic judges", not to
                  a few others who have positions beyond that. Again, each
planet within the federation has their own system and then there is
Central Control which is the core/headquarters and also the upper
management or 'governing body'. They are the ones that handle
things inter-galactically or when situations arise involving planet
to planet type scenarios.
#8: Are you involved with any "Galactic Councils" that deliberate
on the Earth's future and can you describe the nature of your
As you can see by a few of the other things that have been
posted...this answer would be yes. Hopefully we are doing a
satisfactory job when it comes to "our deliberations". And we do
include the feelings of those on Earth that we deal with when it
comes to things involving their own world. HOWEVER, those of our
choosing already have shown that they are not in things "for
themselves" or for some of the same reasons that exist in
other "contactee cases". They have also shown they have sufficient
amounts of love, compassion and understanding for humanity, as
as other races, even in
                  their present state, so that they would give
honest, unbiased opinions. None of us/our contacts are
completely "knowledgeable" of "all things" happening all over the
place, on earth or otherwise. That is not only non-human to expect
of any person/being, but it is also non-extraterrestrial ha ha!
Only the Creator knows "ALL THINGS". Hopefully people really
realize this and do not expect anything from anyone else that they
could not give themselves. Nor does it mean these people are any
better/worse than the next person/being. However, the next phase
things "has to start somewhere"
                  right? Earth needs to rid itself of
                  perceptions once and for all. The "galactic council" that
handles things involving the fate of other planets is at the very
core and upper management within the federation/central control
is comprised of the "galactic
                  judges" and then you have that one
                  that is termed "galactic/intergalactic master" (who also works
with a "group" of sorts). So there are systems within the final
system so to speak. And yes decisions on this level are made by
this group. On a collective level, however, each being also
maintains their "sovereign" opinions/feelings/observances/findings,
which are shared at the time when the meetings take place.
9. What would you consider to be your most important
contribution to the evolution of humanity?
Or aid can be as large as having to give back up, while a soul like
the Christ being decides to come in for the sake of all. (he brought
quite a bit into this world that was previously unspoken, and in
truth, UFO's/aliens and the basics of the Federation included,
it never made it "into the
                  book") Back up might include running
                  forces/beings off that would divert the mission from being
accomplished. Those who take jobs like that are not in it for
self. They are not in it to 'take over' or 'rule'...but to bring
TRUTH and LOVE on a larger scale, in hopes humanity will respond
with the same, which is their right if they CHOOSE to. And those
aiding in the background of that last mission, had to stand and
watch while his last days took place (as in the Christ being's
case). This is no easy task for any beings that were involved
either. God's will did take precedence as it always has and always
will. By the way, that was the biggest contribution to humanity
that we can think of. (***answer to your question #9 asking..."what
would you consider to be your most important contribution to the
evolution of humanity***) There were many involved, believe it
not. They are still involved
                  and have been since, it is not in the
public eye however. Makes one wonder what IS going on "in private"
doesn't it? Live and learn...that applies everywhere. And look at
what we have found that is left of what was brought then...not
much. Please know we ATTEMPT to bring larger truths here, as well
as assist in other ways, with and/or without proof, both have been
done. But what earth does with it is another thing. There were
many involved, believe it or not. They are still involved and have
been since, it is not in the public eye however. Makes one wonder
what IS going on "in private" doesn't it? Live and learn applies
everywhere. "Going public" is not ALWAYS the way used.
#10 Have you had any official contacts with government authorities
and what were their responses to you?
No official contact with any government authorities and this is
CHOICE and very intentional...for
                  many obvious reasons to you and us.
                  Are your personnel and/or ships actively targeted by
national security agencies intent on limiting your interactions with
Yes ATTEMPTS have been and are made. If an attempt is made on a
technological level, on our ships, it is without effect. We keep
those contacts we do have private so as not to jeopardize them/their
families. (some personnel are human and do not choose the public
ways) Those that are "suspected" have phones tapped, and
are "monitored" in many ways. Those that have become too much of
threat, are merely "taken out"
                  on this planet, as has always been
                  case. Can things change? This remains to be seen. At this
juncture, we can say "so far so good". But the danger is very
real. Naturally a corrupt government etc... will be more than
nervous if any loving factions/their contacts, come forward and
become directly involved with this world to a larger degree. And
why not? The atrocities can be exposed and so can those committing
the deeds also be exposed. It will also expose the liars within
this world that are claiming to represent Federation forces, when
fact it is not true. If anything,
                  many making claims have added to
                  have become a misrepresentation, reasons varied. Not that this
world will want to have to also come to terms with this as well.
But, when met with the truth, all false things immediately will
by the wayside. Especially
                  when it stands right in front of you.
Or when you walk "out there" and compare the "stories" that
circulate with experiences.
It is a silent but known fact that if certain contactees are messed
with too much, so also will it be returned and in ways they will
want. We do act, as stated
                  before. It can be no other way, and it
is by their choice if they act against those here that
are 'contactees', as we are not drawing first blood or
exposing "their little secrets". How else will anyone EVER begin
bring change into this world
                  and bring it closer to what the Creator
itself had in mind, "love ye one another"? Should everyone involved
in doing so sit back while one representative after another
is "taken out" by the corrupt, so as to "save the corrupt" from
being exposed and loosing "power" and "control" over people that
not belong to them? Should
                  the corrupt forever be allowed to reign
supreme, even when the most supreme force in the universe never
intended it to be like this in the first place? Do you not think
there are those that will act on behalf of the Creator and on behalf
of those who are aiding/hearing/learning/growing down here? Just
because it does not hit your "mainstream media" does not always
it is not happening. It
                  has been and will continue. The government
knows this already. However, we are attempting to be "gentle" when
it comes to "rocking things". We wonder what a whole planet of very
angry mis-led people would do if they knew the WHOLE truth? Those
at the top will quickly fall and become the newest "trampled upon"
which still defeats the efforts to "create a more loving world".
Hopefully the governments of this world will not be so foolish
                  as to
think "nothing will happen"
                  if they continue choosing to draw first
blood. maybe earth repeats history, but not all of us need that
lesson and we are capable and willing to act if necessary.
#12: Do those extraterrestrial races who disrupt humanity's
evolution directly interfere with your own assistance efforts with
humanity either by targeting your personnel/ships or humans you
Yes they attempt it, although their maneuvers are usually short
lived. They cannot target our ships/personnel, because our ships
can "hold their own" putting it mildly. And yes, our contacts here
are also targeted in a variety of ways and usually from more than
one angle. This is usually the avenue most chose for
disrupting "evolution". If not done by those here, it is from
forces out there. This has been the biggest "weakness" if you want
to see it that way. Having those down here attempting to bring
awareness to others ...
a hard job....and one that is not without danger to self and to the
whole scenario as well. Those beings 'out there' that have been
involved in the misguiding of earth, know fully that to tamper
the contactee is 1/2 the
                  battle won. And many contactees are only
beginning to step onto the path, which is when the optimal time is
to "mess things up". Few and far between are
considered "experienced" in this area. These beings are being
stopped but there is always times where something happens
that 'messes things up' in spite of how hard attempts are made
prevent it. So then the whole
                  process must halt while the damage is
repaired in the person it occurred in. We do not see one soul
having any less worth than millions. They are just as important and
have to be stabilized before things can continue. Otherwise it
not real LOVE, honor and respect
                  going on, but something else. We
                  not "use" people. Those that attempt public work do so by
choice and out of love, not by "order".
Not always does the contactee here remember all that they came to do
or remember all the things they lived prior to this etc...once
the 'flesh'. Makes for a very
                  interesting path for them, and for
                  who are "watching their back" say the least. If
things went public before the contactee was aware they were "messed
with" and false information was sent in, that is even worse for
whole scenario. And many
                  have "pride issues" that must be contended
with at that time. Some never get past those and loose
their "interaction and contact".


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