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Commander Hatonn

Wake up Call: Hatonn August 04, 06

There is a decided difference today in the energies on planet earth,
and in that difference there is an opening for many of you to come
to terms with blockages that have till now been bound to the
ramifications that would result if the blockages were to clear. Now
is the time to offer unto yourselves the opportunity to take a giant
leap and propel yourselves into the heavens of your heart and soul.
This is not a sojourn that is taken lightly, at least not until it
is done, and then there is Light all around and you are riding the
waves of love and compassion on into the sunset of your life and the
dawning a bright new day.

This one is faced with this opening as she sits at her desk and
receives these words. She says to herself, there is something that I
have not allowed to come forward and now is the time for the release
of that which is on the threshold of her new dawning. I Am Hatonn,
and I Am here to usher her over this threshold and beyond, at her

When the Bush regime takes its dive and sinks beneath the waves of
light that are sweeping the country there will be a decided effect
on not only the people of the USA, but also on the people of the
world. There will come a ballooning of the activities that will
bring the truth to the people and to the rest of the universe. You
see, we all have seen what is to come, and we have generated a
curtain of light that covers all of planet earth. This light shines
forth on all of you and encompasses all the truth that is involved
with what is to be revealed as the curtain is lifted and the voice
of truth comes round to show its face and take it to the top.

This will not be accomplished with timidity, for all ears must hear
and all eyes must see what is before them. What is about to happen
will push this truth into every corner of the world. There will be
no escaping that which is before you, for them to try to hide is to
find that there is no hiding place from the truth. We will not allow
any harm to come to you in the process, for to do that would be to
ignore the signs we have seen and the nuances of what is possible
were we not here with you every second.

There is no softer approach that can be used, for to timidly go into
this next phase of the release of the darkness is to deny the very
existence of that which requires that we plow through with a
bulldozer so immense and so powerful as to give everything in it's
path its day of reckoning. This day of reckoning is not of harm to
the innocent and well meaning. It is not of harm to those who have
pure of heart. It is only harmful to those who see the harm, and
that comes from finding their world of darkness coming to a sudden
close. That is when they find their game is over, and the reality of
truth is on the doorstep ready to step in and change their world and
their reality. We will not endanger anyone in this. Any danger that
comes will be from the resistance of those who have been living in
the shadows. Their world is of their own making, as is the same for
all of you. When this takes place they will surely create for
themselves the results of our move and your part in what is to bring
in the light.

Can you imagine a power so intense and so clear that it can come in
and render anything in its path as truth, Divine Truth? This truth
does not harm; it does not bring chaos to anyone or anything. It
only brings truth, and light and love are complete unto that truth.
As this great sweep is coming to be, sit in the light and love that
is all around you and know that you sit with The Creator and the
protection that is inherent within your very essence. Hold
compassion and light in your heart and soul for those who have not
recognized the light, and know that as the tides are turned there
will wash upon the shore of darkness this great new light that
sweeps all clean and sparkling new.

I do not say this lightly or with forethought for to do so would be
to diminish what is coming and allow it to ease in its immensity.
This is what is to take place soon in the government of the USA, and
it is that there will come a great rush of the people and this rush
will sweep through the portals of the Middle East as a bulldozer and
sweep aside any resistance to the truth that is pushing at the door.
No one and nothing can stop this push, and when it takes place there
will be a release of so much pent up negative energy that once it is
released there will be a huge wave of light that will rush in and
take the place that has been vacated by the darkness.

This is not an alarmist message. This is a message that takes center
stage and captures the attention of all who read these words. This
is a stamp on the energies of change that have been called for in
the energies that have been produced from the lightworkers around
the globe, and from the intent of all of humanity for the truth to
come forward and the momentum to take us all the way to the top. The
pinnacle is ready for occupation and with its readiness has come a
calm surrounding the energies that take it there. With the calm
comes cool reason and and ability for the voice of The Creator to be
heard and comprehended by more than half of the population on earth.
Yes, the number seems far too grand to be true, however we have seen
and read the vibration of all of humanity and whether there is a
conscious knowledge of the communication and understanding by the
people there is an open channel from their soul to The Source.

This is unprecedented in the history of this universe. There is a
far greater number of souls ready to step forward in truth than in
any other time in the history of this universe. Yes, there have been
other civilizations on other planets in this universe that have
undergone similar societal change and progressions throughout the
history of the universe. Those civilizations have all been in
preparation for this time and this undertaking on planet earth. This
is the sublime happening and the beginning of the opening for all in
this universe to unite and become one in ecstasy, and in eternal
moments of bliss.

What it will take is for this final sweeping momentum to close the
door on all that has come before and to open the portals in the
Middle East that lead all of creation into the new way of living on
earth and in the universe simultaneously. We are ready and so is
mankind, for they have told us so. We are about to see the circle
come together in love and harmony and when that happens you will
know that the end of the suffering on planet earth is upon us. You
will know that as the dust settles and the casualties are seen to be
much fewer than has been feared, there will come a new hush over
planet earth and for those moments in time we will see time stand
still and we will be with The Creator Source wholly, and be fully
who we are.

As that interlude of time standing still is swept through with total
light and love cleaning all that is, there will then come a brand
new beginning based in love and bolstered by the intent of all life
on earth and in the universe to live in total harmony and to heal
the world that we live in. We will go about our father's business
and we will do it in the cradle of our Mother `s embrace for we will
have found our way back home and we will see what the next step is
in the great awakening of the beauty potential of Gaia and our own
potential of life in perfection and complete bliss forevermore.

So when the ruckus begins shortly and it seems that mother earth and
father sun are zooming in on the planet take a deep breath and know
that by the time they are finished there will be a final sweeping
away of the darkness from mother earth, and the light of the
universe shall shine as never before. We are all one, and that
realization will bloom on every cheek for all of eternity.

Go now into your day, putting one foot in front of the other and
know that it is grand. Know that you are loved immensely and

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

Wake up Call: Hatonn Nov 03, 05

There is much taking place behind the scenes in Washington DC these
days. With these events we are seeing a gradual return to truth and
justice and a sentiment of lasting abundance that will come from the
events. All of the issues that have been promised with NESARA are in
the early stages of being brought forward and implemented in the
various events and changes that are coming about.

Due to the opening of the channels of truth that are coming through
the earthly laws and procedures of the justice system of earth
society, these issues will be resolved and a new way of governance of
earth society is being born.

Good day, my dear ones, I AM Hatonn and I come with an update for your
consideration and enjoyment. I come to let you know that though on the
surface things seem to be crawling along at a snail's pace, there is
much action behind the scenes.

First I will let you know that with the advent of the court
appearances of Mr. Libby, there will be new evidence presented that
came to light only days ago. This evidence was offered through the
channels of propriety by a member of the staff. With this evidence
that was presented within the bounds of legality, there will be a
strengthening of the case supporting that indictment.

Realize that as these cases proceed through the judiciary they are
laying the groundwork for additional cases to be heard in conjunction
with each other. The thread that binds them together will be obvious
and will be presented in some cases as a package. This will bring
certain proceedings to a speedier conclusion.

I tell you this now for I have noted that some of you are concerned
with the idea that there is a holdup that is going to throw a monkey
wrench into it all. Know that this will not happen. Know that all is
in order and proceeding very well.

Heaven's time is much different from earth time, in fact as you know
there is no time, as you know it. Time as you know is an earth
creation; it is part of the matter state utilized to carry out the
matter state. When we tell you that soon things will happen it is
because we cannot give you specific times. With the flux energy on
earth at present we know that events and energy can change at any
time. This makes our position flux as well, for we can see
probabilities and we can determine to some extent which of those
probabilities will be followed into manifestation.

There have been times when we have seen what looks to be a probability
that will be followed and then an event will abruptly change what
would have been, completely changing the probability. When this
happens then we see that it comes about due to a rise in the vibration
of a strong group of lightworkers and the turnaround of the actions
that are affected by the intent of the lightworkers.

This is how you all change the course of probability. This is the
power you have to band together and change what could have been
something that would not benefit mankind. The strength in numbers
proves itself out all the time. When you set your intent to bring
about an upturn in events, or to keep something from happening, you
change history.

From this knowledge I encourage you to know that when you sign the
petitions that are spread across the Internet, when you make calls to
your representatives in government and industry, when you call
lightworkers together in support of an issue you are creating in the
image of God, great changes have come about through this. Great
changes will come about through your continuance.

As you go into the next days, and monitor the news on the Internet and
the mainstream news, compare the content. See how everyday there is a
gradual closing of the gap between truth and fiction, or omission in
both mediums of news. As you band together in purpose and intent and
create the glory of heavenly energy on earth and in the proceedings
through this time of transition, know that you are exercising your
innate powers to create your world in the eye of God.

With your innate wisdom know also that as the proceedings take the
time they must it is because there is earth karma that is being dealt
with, and in order for this to be absolved it must follow certain
criteria. Part of that criterion is for you to lend your energies of
intent for the light to prevail. That is why you are strongly
following that natural guidance to honor your intent for truth,
justice and peace to prevail.

I leave you now to your day and I follow your energy of intent, seeing
it as golden and as strong in its implementation. You are masters to
be sure, and as you go about your services to yourselves and each
other so too do you honor all of Creation.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate


Wake up Call: Hatonn Sept 22, 05

Good day, my dear ones. This is a day in which much will be coming to
the front. This is a day in which the truth of certain matters will
flood the lines and bellow the inequities of the governmental
standards that are seen to be the norm. However, this is to be
disputed and run down like a freight train, and with it there will be
a springing forth of what has been included in the train as a means
to reveal all within.

I AM Hatonn, and I come today to begin a series of messages about
what to expect in the next days that you will not be hearing about in
the major news. I have employed
Nancy's agreement to see that certain
facts come forward and uncloak the lack of integrity of the
government, and to reveal the truth about the integrity that a
government represents.

First I will tell you this, and I'm sure many of you are aware. There
is much that is to come forward about the governmental process that
is taking place in the world today. It isn't only in the
USA; it is
around the world in various pockets. It is throughout the western
world and its allies and even those that are not considered allies.

I will be reporting facts as they come up and through this process I
will be able to answer questions that arise through the media and
through the Internet. I will be open to any questions that this
message will impart, and through
Nancy I will begin the process of
bringing steps to lead you through your own process of awakening the
leadership within all of you.

Now I will tell you why I am coming to you in this way. There has
been a council of people from all over the globe that has met with us
on the
Phoenix in the times of intercedence that they have
experienced. These times of intercedence have occurred at times when
they have stopped time and have come out of body to the ship for the
purpose of proposing a course of action in which to bring this regime
to an end.

This has been all in accordance with free will, and has come to
represent the will of the people. There have been representatives of
all nations, of all ethnicities, of all parallels within the people
of earth. There have been grounds recorded and duly noted by which
this has been happening.

As we convened as a council of thirteen plus seven, we did so with
the full intent to bring the planet into harmony within the
structural auspices of its own integrity. This has been the
overwhelming agreement between all members present.

As we have met we have outlined the instances of the present societal
boundaries of earth life. We have set into documents the parameters
by which we are doing this. We have come to several methods by which
we will be able to reign in the events that have been set in motion
by the group you refer to as the illuminati, and you have agreed with
each other unanimously that this must come about in this manner.

My dear ones, you have all agreed, in this council, that there is no
longer a new fresh intent to carry on with this duality in the manner
that is going. You realize that with the momentum that has been
established, if left to the momentum, it would be close to the year
2028 before there would be any peace and restoration accomplished on
earth. Of this I speak of the cessation of the present momentum, and
the consequent restoration of the earth for the New Golden Age.

This is not acceptable to any of you, or to us, for we are speaking
here in regard to not only planet earth and her inhabitants, but of
the entire universe. We speak of the balance and integrity of the
structures of the universal flow of energy and of the flux that keeps
it forever changing and growing.

If this momentum were to be allowed to go on in its own memory, then
we would not recover from it, in enough `time' to be able to continue
in the present intent from which this universe was created. We would
flounder in that intent, and another intent energy would form of its
own volition. This would cause a breakup into chaos that would be
established and from which we would be operating for the next epoch
of time.

Of course you all know that time as you know it on earth is not the
same time that we experience. We in the cosmos are operating within a
time space continuum that bespeaks the integrity of our intent. That
is to say that as we intend, we tap into the time/space moment in
which we are to operate and that is the experience that is brought
forward. This is something that you will be able to comprehend very
soon in a deeper manner.

As we go forward in this most important period of earth history we do
so with the full knowledge that we are at a time when there has to be
a deliberate cessation of the momentum as it is established. Now is
the time when there can be no more of the wheels set in motion that
are continuing on their course, for they no longer have a valid
intent behind them. They are operating on a memory that no longer
serves them and they are therefore out of control.

Please, do not be alarmed with this for there is a definite failsafe
that we have set in motion to assure that this situation is not to be
allowed to continue. That is what is coming from the meetings of the
council of elders from earth. When I speak of elders, I speak of
those who are on earth and have had the most experience and risen to
the ranks that are known as that of elder status. These ones have
conferred with members of the Galactic Federation and we have all
come to agreement with the course that will best serve to stop the
momentum and allow it to follow a course of present intent of the
majority of those on earth.

Realize that the majority of those on earth are in line for peace and
harmony. We have offered up a consensus and come up with the majority
that decided that there is to be a deterrent to what is taking place.
We have set in motion a series of occurrences that will abate the
next few years of tyrannical movements that the present governments
are headed for. And it will do so in proper order.

This will take some time, more than a few days weeks, months to
completely turn around and reveal the polish and beauty of the intent
of life on earth for the new Golden Age. This will begin, indeed has
already begun, and we will see a series of revelations that will in
turn topple the present governmental structures. From this point on
you will see a change in the way things happen and a complete
turnaround of what could be considered the death of the planet and
all those on it.

With these measures that are being taken, there is going to be a
different face on the earth in some small ways. There is to be a
revitalization of the forests and the rivers. The deserts will begin
to bloom even more than they have in the last few years. The air that
you breath will be healthful once more, and the soils will provide
all the nourishment necessary for the consumption of the life-giving
vegetables and fruits that will sustain you and bring you all back to
a perfect state of health.

Life on earth will begin to give you joy, rather than making you feel
as slaves to the everyday effort of just getting by. You will no
longer feel that you are on a downhill slide and that you are out of
control. You will know that you are the master of your life and that
your neighbor is the master of his/her life. You will be able to
enjoy the rewards of that mastership and no one will even think of
trying to take over your life for their purposes.

This, my dear ones is what you are coming to. You determine the rate
at which you arrive there by exercising your own God given powers to
restoration of your authority. You will be rebuilding your life in a
way that represents the ability that you have for sovereign living,
and you will have set the ways to do that in motion in these next few

Yes my dear ones. This is a crucial time in your lives right now.
This is the time in which you, represented by your council
member/elder, are in the driver's seat and have set your course for
freedom. You are taking your power back and are setting sail for the
stars. You have declared your independence and you are seeing that
over the next horizon is home. That represents the freedom, justice
and everlasting joy that self-actualization means.

So as we go into this time period over the next few days, remember
these words. Know that as the events of Rita make waves and stir up
the pot, there is a gold treasure at the end of the rainbow, and it
is yours to claim. You have set your intent in stone and you are
allowing that stone to shine forth with your message for a whole new
day of love to express itself in the family of the universe.

Come with me and see that new world open up in the hearts and the
minds of all of us. We are here for you, and we together are to
gather up the clouds of darkness and render them gold with our light.
We allow no darkness to dampen our door again, and we shine on into
the night of the everlasting sun.

As I leave this message now, I do so knowing that you are taking in
much to think about this day. I advise that you give much homage to
the feelings you have as you read this. Also give credence to what
your heart speaks to you of love and of changes that will speak to
you in colors of the rainbow. That is the language of truth. To
follow your interpretation of that language is to honor your voice
and see it speak the language of truth.

Behold the silver slipper that holds the fruits of the ages, for nary
a fruit that sits in the slipper wastes away into nothingness. It is
all of value and forevermore will remain.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

Wake up Call: Hatonn May 23, 06

While we are not secure in knowing what it is that each of you ask
for in each moment, we do feel the vibration of that knowing that is
within you and that translates itself to the highest form of your
request. This is the manner in which we communicate with you, for to
honor our translation of your earthly language would be to bring
interference by the translation and to not honor the succinct energy
of your request. I Am Hatonn, and I explain further.

This is the integral part of our communication with you, and though
you are able to relay the intent of your language with one another,
it looses in the translation with us. That is why we tune in to your
energy field and we know sometimes even more clearly that which you
intend for your lives. This is reflected in that which you find
manifesting in your lives, for that is your true soul intent.

What we do know is that there is a complete and total communication
between us your higher self. When a request is made from your
conscious mind it is often a reflection of that which your higher
soul knows is most appropriate for you. In this way there is no loss
of degree of experience that will benefit you. How this translates
to your conscious mind may not be as was intended, however it is
what is giving you the most benefit at the time.

For instance, you may ask in your conscious mind for a million
dollars, when what you receive is but a mere pittance. That is what
comes as a result of your higher soul knowing that this would not be
to your higher good and would not allow you to follow your contract
and your higher intent for growth. With this manifestation can come
an acceptance of what is, or a continued frustration of what has
been in your conscious mind, and unfair circumstance for your life.

This is but one example of what we say. Another is to look at the
political scene of your world and see the times of the warring and
the unrest in all aspects of earth commerce, education, medicine,
and all other parts of earth society. You would see it be according
to the benefit of all on earth and in their best interests. We see
that as well, however there is a different perspective we bring to
the complete picture, and we can see that in most cases the idea of
the people is to bring about the end of the cabal at this moment, or
the next.

We understand that in doing so this would seem to bring about the
end of the suffering and the pain and poverty that is rampant on
your world. We can see beyond what your curtain covers up, and we
ask that you bear with us in this for we see that there are certain
steps that are taken on earth that change the way we are involved in
this project and the way we must approach what takes place in our
final plan of intervention.

Realize that with the options that are given us, we are doing what
we can to bring about a peaceful end to this matter. We see that
with the changes we must remain open and able to change course even
in midstream of one of our actions. With this ability to see the
results of actions taken and to see the long-term results of what
takes place, we are able to make instant decisions about our
activities with the cabal.

Yes, we are acting within and alongside many of the members of the
cabal and in as such we are able to defuse many a situation that has
been designed to destroy and bring about chaos that would reap
galactic repercussions. We are able to stop certain measures that
would have brought some segments of society to their knees and
allowed the cabal to take yet another step upward on the ladder of
their success.

This, my dear ones, has not been allowed to happen for some time.
The cabal has been playing in a field that includes only themselves
and those who choose that field for some time. They think that they
are making headway, and yet they continue to play by their rules,
and that takes them round and round in circles of their making.

You ask now, but what about all those who are being killed or taken
prisoner. What about them, why are they continuing to be hurt and
worse if the cabal is playing by itself? It is because those dear
ones have chosen this in their life contracts. They have seen that
in order to best serve humanity at this time, they will give up
their lives, or their comfort and freedom. Be assured that when the
time comes for their return to earth or freedom it will be when they
will be greeted with much respect, love, jubilance and honor for the
deed they have done in the name of the playout of the last cabal and
the complete and total freedom of humanity.

We do not like to see the pain they may suffer, so we greet them at
the moment before the pain and we release them into our embrace and
their bliss is complete. They know only love in that moment and from
that moment they are able to see what their beautiful earth
sacrifice has brought for humanity and for them. They see the result
of all of the workings of the light and they are blessed beyond
earthly understanding.

We ask that you take this knowledge into your daily knowing and
allow your soul to soar victorious in this understanding of what is
and what shall come to pass. We see the glorious work that you are
doing and we know that it springs forth from your deepest feeling of
love and compassion. We also know that with this depth comes a
greater understanding of how you are to be in your heart and in your
mind. This in turn spurns you on to the work that you have chosen
for this next phase of the coming of the New Golden Age.

We see you all preparing for the last step in the rising of the
light of planet earth and we say to you, "Rest ye weary souls and
hearts while ye may, for to come is the last push of the labor of
new birth into the freedom from the clutches of the last cabal. It
is a mighty thing that you do for your world and for your galaxy,
and we honor each and every one of you. You are truly angels and
warrior of the light, and you are positioned in the exact correct
place for this last stand for freedom and peace on your land."

Go in peace now and enjoy the leisure that is upon you, for it is
swift and sure that the arrow of truth shall descend upon the
darkness and the New Golden Age shall rise in love and peace
forevermore in grandeur and joy.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate


Wake up Call: Hatonn Sept 26, 05

This morning I would like to bring you some more news. This is news of
a gentler nature and meant to make you feel good about the world you
live in. With the news I brought you yesterday, there was an
underlying reason to bring it forward. It was for the purpose of
creating an established base upon which some seeds can be planted.
That is to show to you the difference between the things that are here
for all of you to see and the things that are hidden, yet that
influence your lives.

I AM Hatonn, and on this day I find many who read the message from
yesterday to have brought confusion and doubt to many. This was not
the motivation, however I knew that it would be that way. I knew that
anything that is reported about what the illuminati do would throw
many of you into doubt and into a series of questions that you would
have not answers to.

The report of yesterday brought much confusion to
Nancy, for she
doesn't involve herself with the affairs of the
Middle East beyond
scanning the headlines. Too much to cloud her brain when there is so
much she is interested in, she says. (smile) I'm sure there are those
of you who know where she is coming from.

The reason I brought that news to you was to awaken a sense in you
that there is something that is taking place in your world that is not
all peaches and cream. There are horrors taking place around the globe
that affect you. They are designed to numb you into submission and
keep you in amnesia. This is taking place more intensely now because
you are on the verge of awakening from your slumber and they know it.

One thing that you may not know is that as you awaken you will see
more and more of this stuff taking place. You will be able to see and
discern what is taking place and you will be confused as to how to
handle it. This is why I am bringing you this kind of information
along with the other news that is heartening. It is for the balance.

Keep in mind that as you go through these next months there will be
much that will be revealed that you will likely approach with a
different ear. Some of you will say, no absolutely not. I know they
are wicked, but not that bad! Some of you will sit in shock and not be
able to comprehend what you are seeing. Some of you will say that this
is what you knew all along, and will go about merrily as if nothing
has changed.

This is all well and good, for we each have our own ways of dealing
with what we see and hear. When the time comes to gain independence
from the ones who would enslave you, how much time will have elapsed
and what will you have done to empower yourselves?

Ask yourself this question the next time someone tells you about
another thing that the illuminati have done. Then ask your self what
you would do if you were able to. Combine these two thoughts and then
see what comes of that. Will you feel empowered or will you feel like
you are helpless to change anything?

Now I will give you the good news, the news that makes you feel good,
for we all need that. Last night we observed a pod of dolphins
swimming off the coast of
California in the USA. They were having a
wonderful time and they were dancing and singing. They were close to a
piece of the shore where there was a family having a picnic on the beach.

They swam in closer to the shore and continued their play. As the
family watched, one of the children ventured closer for a better look.
She was in glee and she began to sing along with the dolphins. She
actually sang as they were singing, as if she knew their language. It
certainly wasn't a language that any of her family had heard, and they
began to worry that their precious one was being taken over by these

As soon as the dolphins sensed their worry, they began to sing another
tune; it was calming rather than so much playful. The girl responded
and sang along with the new tune; then she stopped and hurried to her
family and told them that she loved them and not to worry, for the
dolphins were telling her a story in the music, and they wanted her to
reveal what it was to them.

She said that the dolphins had been playing and they sensed that the
people they saw on the beach were sad because of what was taking place
in the world. They said that all the family needed to do was to know
that all would be okay and that there were things they could do to
help to make things better. They said that what they could do is to
love all of the people no matter what they did.

They also said that to love them is not to ignore what they do, but to
tell others what they do, for to know is to be smarter and wiser as to
what it is that they are facing. This would be a way to overcome what
is fighting their love, and because the illuminati are not feeling the
love that the people have they cannot know how to do anything else but
what they are doing.

So know what they do, and then love them, love them with all your
heart and soul and know that what they do is not because they are
evil, it is because they do not know what they do that is against the
love of The Creator. They will find their way home at some time and
then they will remember those who gave them love, not from their
ignorance about what they were doing, but because they did know, and
loved them anyway.

So there you are my dear ones, the story for you to carry into your
day. I love each and every one of you and I am going to be with you
through all of this. You are my family and as I stand with St Germain,
Sananda, Enki, and the rest of the Galactic Federation we salute you
and bless you all.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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