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Message of Metatron



April 18, 2005 Through Reniyah Wolf

My Beloved Ones, I greet you this day in eternal joy, as part of your planet is in the midst of spring and the other is in the midst of autumn. As the affairs of your world continue to be turbulent, I ask you to remember that without turbulence there is no change. Humanity must experience that which is undesirable before it can propel change. The collective consciousness of Earth is a group energy comprised of the energies of all the humans and life forms which live on the planet. What you experience in your world is a product of your collective pool of thought.

Because your plane has long been in the lower frequencies of fear, it is a karmic plane. As you have co-created with those of us in the higher planes to bring increased light frequencies into the Earth plane, it is now possible to live "without karma". This is possible for individuals who have raised their own personal frequency enough to transmute their own personal karma. It will not be possible for humans, as a collective consciousness, to live free of karma until it is transmuted on a collective basis as well. This is the process you are undergoing now, my Beloved Ones, the transmutation of the collective karma of Earth. Each one of you are assisting in this as you pursue the raising of your own frequencies as fully embodied consciousness.

The law of karma is a cosmic law. It is not one which is based on rewards and punishments, but one based upon the focus of thought, individual and collective. The law of karma exists upon the judgment of good and evil. As soon as one, or a group, begin to judge the polarities on which experience is based, then the one, or the group must experience both sides of the polarity. This cosmic law is also sometimes stated as "that which you resist, you will draw to yourself to experience." The only way to transmute karma is to respond to the type of experience which has created the karma in a different way; a way that is beyond fear and judgment.

This holds true for the individual and the collective. The only way your human societies will be transformed is by humanity responding in a different way to the same repetitive experiences that it has created time and time again. You, as individuals, are part of the collective; an extremely important part. You are the bearers of the Light frequencies into the Earth plane, and by transmuting your own karma within yourselves; you are making great changes in the collective consciousness as well. Many of you came to your human embodiments without karma. Did you know that? You chose to come here from the higher dimensions above duality in order to assist humanity in its ascension.

You created karma for yourselves, though, in your present embodiments, because Earth is a karmic plane. At the time of your arrivals here, it was impossible to do otherwise than create personal karma. When one takes embodiment in a plane of fear, where the standards of good and evil are embedded so deeply in the collective consciousness, one cannot really avoid creating personal karma. The influence of the collective is too strong. There was another important reason that you created karma for yourselves as well. You created it specifically for the purpose of transmuting it. You came to Earth equipped with the higher consciousness to be able to do that; to respond to the karmic experiences in a way which would not have been possible for the masses of humanity.

If you are following with me so far, you will remember that each individual consciousness is a part of the collective consciousness. As each one of you transmutes your individual karma by rising above fear and judgment, you are a powerful stimulus to the transmutation of the karma of the collective. When karma is transmuted, there is always change, upheaval, as the karmic patterns are broken. This will be true whether in your own life or with the events of your world. Since the evolution your world is undertaking now is an accelerated one, the karmic transmutation is also accelerated. For this reason, there are many turbulent events occurring in your world, and they shall continue to do so until the collective karma is transmuted.

There are still many of you who are very fearful about what is happening around you, and very concerned that the world situations are not improving. Gently, I remind you, my Beloved Ones, that it is your own fear and judgment that perpetuates the karmic patterns. Humans have lived in fear and judgment of one another for a very long time. That fear and judgment is what creates the situations of human against human that you so deplore. To judge and condemn another human, or group of humans will only create more of that which you do not desire.

There are a vast number of voices speaking to you, both from within your plane and without. Some of these voices are focused towards the empowerment of humanity and others are focused toward perpetuating the fear and duality. You will become very confused listening to these voices, as each one has a different story to tell. Some of them are telling you stories in order to serve their own ends, which do not include the transmutation of the collective karma of Earth. As Earth has entered the age of technology, the sources of information, of stories are virtually endless. To look for your answers and your truth amidst this huge amount of information is a fruitless task, one which will ultimately lead you around to the same karmic circles as in the past.

My Beloved Ones, once again I encourage you to focus upon your own inner being and look to transmute your personal karma by rising above fear and judgment. Withdraw into the stillness of your own hearts to find your own truth and do not look to others to supply it to you. That truth that you adopt from outside of yourself will be incomplete and unfulfilling. You are the brilliantly shining Lights of this evolution of human consciousness. It is you who are in the forefront of transmuting your planetary karma. Embrace these changes that are happening in your world, as they are the precursors to the great change you seek and are longing for. By denying them and condemning them, you are merely binding yourself to the old patterns once again.

There is an extraordinary Divine Alchemy also happening with your planet and humanity as it experiences this karmic transmutation. The roots of a new human evolution are taking hold. Through the changes that will occur in your lives and in your world over the next years, a human society of Oneness will indeed be birthed. If there is no change, no upheaval which causes the old ways and systems to be evaluated and dispensed with, then no evolution is possible. As it is throughout the entire cosmos. The realization of desire is not made clear in the absence of that which is not desired. It is that which is not desired which defines that which is.

My Beloved Ones, that choice to move beyond fear and into your own empowerment has never been more important. By moving beyond fear, you will transmute your own karma, and also assist in transmuting that of the collective. I encourage you, each and every one, to begin or continue writing your own stories, rather than looking for your own power through the stories of others. You will not find it there, in the next group, cause, organization, agenda. You will not find it on the television, on the internet, in the newspapers, at the movies.

You will not even find it through your spiritual circles, because your own power can only be drawn from within yourself. You may find assistance and inspiration through your connections with others, but it is you alone that can make that choice to overcome fear and take your power. You have really not begun to write your own stories yet if you are still living in fear and looking for truth outside of yourself. You begin to write your own story from a place of power within. Unless you have begun to write your own story, then you will not know which of the other stories are in resonance with your own. The other stories will continue to confuse you and create fear within you.

My Beloved Ones, these times on planet Earth are about your own personal ascension, and from the ascension of each one of you, the collective will also be able to ascend. All you need concern yourselves with is your own ascension, your own moving out of the frequencies of fear and karma. As you do this, the collective will also reflect this transmutation of karma. There is no one more important to this planetary ascension process than "you" – the individual who is reading this message right now. Your own karmic transmutation is vitally important to that of the whole. There are no exceptions. Each one of you is key personnel and you are up to the job. I come with messages in order to remind you of that on many levels of your being. Your essence is Love, rather than fear, and you are loved, more than you can know.

I AM Metatron, I AM With You Always


Sa Lu Sa from Sirius 02.26.05

We are going to encourage you to think big, because you are soon to be introduced to technologies that are truly astounding by your standards. By now you have the general idea of what we have in mind, but consider the extreme pollution both on and off Earth. Your seas that cover 70% of it are heavily polluted, and in the worst areas it
has started to cause changes amongst the sea life.
In land it is worse, because you have more confined areas and the concentration of industrial poisons and affluent is greater in your rivers, with mutations occurring within them. And this affect has been noted for some years now by your own scientists. On land it is not much better, as the proliferation of chemicals used in farming have seeped into your underground water systems. The atmosphere does
not escape, and the continued use of fossil fuels and your reliance on the car mean the airways are forever polluted. Whatever way you turn, there is no escape from the world wide pollution. It ha!
It needs to be pointed out how serious this is to your health, and if processed foods are added for good measure you have the direct ingestion of chemicals.

Self pollution through smoking is also widespread and the health affects are fully known. Your body has a wonderful capability to deal with the problems created by these various forms of pollution. But there is a limitation to it all, and you now see the increase of diseases that were unknown to your forefathers. It is a paradox, that as you have advanced in medical knowledge, so the reliance on
drugs has almost taken over and these have many serious side effects. Some create a bigger problem than the original illness, and death from their use is not at all uncommon.

Wherever you turn there are potential problems that confront you, and many are unavoidable. You now face being denied your freedom of choice as to which medical treatment you can choose, as natural remedies are placed on a par with drugs and will not be freely available. It was not all that long ago that you laughed at the somewhat primitive treatments of old, yet many worked and have been the basis of more modern treatments. There is still value in many of
these old remedies, and perhaps you should look at them again.

How have you got into such a mess, and did you realize years ago where everything was leading?. I doubt it, although some thinkers could see the dangers but their warnings were ignored. I will tell you how it has all come about, it is pure greed and very little else.

To deal correctly with industrial waste costs money and companies do not like to spend it if they can find cheaper ways of disposal. It has been buried in landfills, poured into your seas and rivers, and obnoxious lethal poisons have been let loose in your atmosphere. I could go on, but although legislation is supposed to control these matters, there always seem to be ways and means around them.

At the root of all of these problems, is the refusal of your global companies to move on and allow you to benefit from new technologies.
Greed for continued profit is their motivation, and they look to spread their empires all over the world. There is little free choice if at all, and the poorer countries are having new technologies imposed upon them. In farming, there traditional methods are being overtaken by having new ones forced upon them. I am thinking of GM engineering and the subsequent problems it is already known to be causing. Wherever you look there are activities that are killing off your Earth, and de-forestation is far more reaching in its affect than you realize.
Because of the extent it has gone, the balance of nature is now being upset by such practices.

It would be an understatement to say you cannot go on like this, as the Earth is dying and given no respite from the amount of pollution you make. The problems are out of control, and some of your
governments lack the will and financial resources to respond. Almost everything you do is looked at in terms of monetary cost, when it should first be looked at in terms of human cost. The people who care and petition for a better world, lack the muscle that the big corporations have and regrettably are not looked upon favorably by the authorities.

But the answers to the problems will soon be at hand, and I along with the fleets of the Galactic Federation will answer your calls.
Our presence has long been sought for our technological expertise, and exceptionally advanced methods. We will soon come as part of First Contact and carry out projects that have long been planned, and we will restore Mother Earth in short time. We will not accept any interference from your governments, indeed we have provisional agreements in place with our allies who will be fully co-operating with us. This may sound forceful but we do not make deals with your cabal and their supporters, as their interests are not in line with yours. We come mainly at the request of Mother Earth, who must shake off the effects of your pollution if she is to be fully restored. We do of course come to give all of you that chance to recover from your experiences
thus far, as you too need to restore your bodies. We will enable such far reaching changes to be made, that your main industries will be totally re-organized, and no longer be a threat against you in any way.

You have asked for Divine help, and your prayers have been answered.
Many times we have approached your governments and offered our help, but it has been rejected. Now we come at the request of you the people, and we look forward to greeting you in what will It was not all that long ago that you laughed at the somewhat primitive treatments of old, yet many worked and have been the basis of more modern treatments. How have be a memorable First Contact.

I am Sa Lu Sa from Sirius, and privileged to speak to you again.
There is much love on our side and we shall happily work with you in great friendship.

Thank you Sa Lu Sa



Christmas Message from the Archangel Gabriel & what's up on planet earth 2005
A Christmas Message from the Archangel Gabriel
Channeled by Edwin Courtenay December 2004

I am the Archangel Gabriel, Archangel of the west and water, archangel of dreams and seas, archangel of the oceans, and grace and flow.  To many I am the archangel of birth, because it was I who was instructed to bring the message of Jesus' birth to Mary.  But in truth my affiliation and connection to the powers of birth began a long time ago in ancient Atlantis when as patron of the royal family of water, it was my duty to instruct the priesthood of this royal family's cast as to the mysteries and ancient truths of birth in the spiritual and physical planes, creating on earth the first midwives of your world.

I come forward in order to speak in part of birth but also of messages and messengers.  For this period of time in your year is a time when angels have been hailed and recognised and are thought of more strongly than any other time throughout your year, because of the part that angels played in bringing forth the message of Jesus' birth and because of the way in which this is remembered and celebrated at Christmas time.  Angels exist and have existed since the very beginning.  Extensions of the Divine, we have always been entrusted with the care of man and of your world and often sent forth to the planet earth in order to pass on mysteries and truths of great divinity and power that would aid mankind in not only their sustation but also their continued evolution.  We were the original teachers of those arts and practices that you have now come to know  as magic, philosophy, astrology, geometry, numerology, healing, architecture and art.  But also at times we have been used to bring forward prophecy, guidance of what was to occur in order to forewarn and prepare.  We were used as harbingers to pave the way for important events and individuals who would come to change the destiny of mankind.  One such time of course was the birth of Jesus and I was chosen as the angel of birth to bring this message to Mary, not as commandment but as question, to see if she would be willing to allow herself to be used as a vessel through which this birth would be made manifest.  I was instructed to make it very clear to Mary as to what would be expected of her, of the judgements that would be made by others and her husband of her and her situation, of the pain and anguish, of the agony and sorrow that she
would experience, as well as of the joys and wonder.

Such visions of the future, the great and grand predictions of her child, though startling and inspiring, were nothing more than dreams.  Mary was a wise woman who even at such a tender age had been taught of the mysteries of the Divine Mother and knew that predictions uttered, even by an angel, were not guaranteed to be truth, so powerful is the free will of mankind.  And so of course her immediate thoughts turned to herself and the part that she would play - not only the indignation that she must endure but also the art and craft that she must exercise in raising such a powerful child and equipping it to cope with its destiny.  Mary was a brave woman who assumed this duty and responsibility unfalteringly, who in the fullness of knowledge allowed herself to become the sacred vessel through which this great and powerful light would re-emerge upon the earth and move forwards to carry the great and powerful energy of the Christ light into the world.  With all this knowledge of what would be, she accepted this proposal, this invitation and opened herself to receive a child of light.

Such events that occur in time, that mark the beginning of a change for the whole of mankind, that occur both physically and energetically in all planes, create echoes and ripples that vibrate backwards and forwards in time.  Although it may be that December 25th is not an accurate calendar anniversary of the birth of Jesus, nevertheless because of mankind's conscious thought centering upon this occurrence at this time, they open themselves to the echoes of this great occurrence.  Of course to some this is no more than a story; a fable and a fairytale represented by pretty images on Christmas cards and nothing more.  But still these people to some extent will feel the rippling echoes of this powerful moment and be lit by the hope and light that it represented and represents now.  For the past is not over, all moments of time in their own place being constant, and as such the light that rippled out from this moment still has power in the now which can be drawn upon, welcomed  in, utilised and used, to inspire and uplift, to create hope and joy, so that mankind may recognise that they are not alone but
accompanied constantly by the presence of the Divine.

Some people say that there is no relevance now to the birth of this Master, of this messiah, that in this modern age where the global community has become so small and intelligent man and woman recognises that no one religion has dominance over the world, that we live in a multicultural society full of various religions, in this day and age where we must not allow ourselves to be dominated by a single truth, we should not put emphasis upon such a religious occurrence but rather focus on the underlying principles that are venerated at this time.  Although this is true, it is also true that the essence of the mysteries and teachings, of the power and presence, of the significance of the birth of this child, is not Christian but something which transcends it, something which is found at the heart and core of every religion and something which every person at this moment in time can seize upon in order to make their life a better and brighter experience.

The birth of Jesus represented hope and was the fulfillment of a pattern that began a long, long time ago - the birth of hope in times of darkness, the emergence of light in the depth of night, the birth of the promised child in the depth of winter.  A light that reminds us that we are not alone, that there is always hope and guidance and love that comes from the Source, the Creator of all, the Divine.  A light that offers illumination and teaching, enlightenment and truth through its example and its words, through the nature of its being and the echo of its memory, through its burning presence and its desire to follow the path that was laid before it by the Divine.  The echoes of such energy can be opened up to and welcomed in, each time we gaze upon the image of a nativity, each time we sing a Christmas hymn, each time our thoughts focus upon the essence of this Christmas story we can fill ourselves with the light of the Master Jesus and the Christ force, of the holy family and the sacrifices that they made for the whole world in order to bring forward the essence and epitome of the light, teaching and love of God the Divine Source.

The pattern that this singular and very famous occurrence echoes is seen in a number of different religions, indeed in the religion which is native to the British Isles, the old pagan religion, the religion of the old ways.  For indeed at this time of the year the Goddess, the central figure within this religion, gives birth to a child of promise - to two children in fact, who represent in turn herself and her husband who has sacrificed himself in order to give life to the land.  These children of promise grow and become the reincarnations of their parents - the child of light, the son, growing to become the oak king and the daughter growing to become the goddess of spring and summer.  This constant cycle of the birth of light and life helps renew within us a sense of flow and grace and trust and belief that light will always, eternally follow darkness and lead us from the shadows into truth.  And so, pertinent as the ever-moving cycle of the seasons, this story in its own way echoes the story of the birth of Jesus.  Both are mysteries and patterns and in core the same; one occurring on the physical plane
and the other a transcendent octave which has always been in the higher spiritual worlds.  And so it goes on around the world and indeed there are other places, other religions and cultures which in their own way celebrate the birth of light in times of darkness, acknowledge the presence and the power of the Divine when the world is in need. 

It is important then at yuletide, at Christmas, to open yourselves to receive the echo of this love and also to utilise this moment to draw closer to us, the angelic kingdom.  For when mankind's consciousness focuses on the existence of such beings, doorways and portals are opened whereby we angels have greater access to the world and to mankind than ever before.  And suddenly our presence can be known and seen, our light and life and laughter known.  And we can move amongst men and women as we did; be seen, be experienced in a whole and total way.  As you gaze upon each Christmas card, sing songs of angels, focus on my part within the Christmas mystery, open yourself to the reality of our being and as such reaffirm to yourself that you are not alone.

And so my message for you this Christmastime, whenever you read these words, is this:  I am the angel of birth and have been present at the birth of all of mankind in all of their incarnations.  As such too I am present at the death of all life, for death is a rebirth too and as I am midwife to life I am also midwife to afterlife.  My message today is not about earthly death but it is about the death and rebirth of the soul that occurs as we journey through life and strive constantly to understand and make sense of our existence, journeying inwards and outwards in order to comprehend the nature of our evolution, of the part that we have to play, striving to grow, striving to expand, striving to be more than we are.  This birth, this death, the death of ignorance, the birth of revelation, is a constant process of which I am aware and part of.  And so today it is this that I speak of, this message that I give.

Christmas time, which lies towards the end of your year, is a dark time of light and can be for some a dark time of heart.  Exhausted from the efforts that you have made throughout the year that has passed, it is common to find this time stressful and hard.  And yet this is no more than the labour pains of rebirth, for the new year always brings to the hearts of many hope, a blank page extending before you in which anything may be written to atone and redeem yourself for those things that you have done that make you feel unworthy of the light and life and the true teachings that you wield and also infinite opportunities and possibilities to grow and to exercise your powers with greater restraint, subtlety, gentleness and light.

Pass through this dark time but as you do, feel the star rise in your heart, the light of Jesus being born.  Know that this is the
continuation of something which occurred before and which has always occurred in many different ways and forms and that you are part of this chain, this link.  That each Christmastime as you open your heart to the returning of the light, you are reborn also - as saviour and messiah of yourself and the microcosm that is your world.  Acknowledge that you are part of this Christmas miracle and each year decide how much you will surrender yourself to the birth of light that transpires inside you with all your knowledge of the difficulties as well as the loves that this will bring.

As I once delivered this message to Mary, so now do I deliver it to you.  As you stand on the threshold of a new year it is your choice.  Will you open yourself and be reborn in light to go forwards in full awareness to bring forward the true essential nature of your divinity?  And if so how much will you do this?  Trusting and then acknowledging that there is darkness to be experienced as much as there is joy.  In order to make your decision it is important that you know the simple truth that I gave Mary that enabled her to find the courage and the strength to do what she did.  You are not alone, never have been and never will be, but are always surrounded by the loving presence of the Divine and as such the Divine asks no more of you than you are capable of doing and can be called upon, leaned upon and relied upon to provide you with the
aid and assistance that you might need in enduring your path and finding within it the light of love and transformation.

Today we have spoken of ancient and mysterious things which may seem simple.  The simplicity is an indication of their divinity and not to be underestimated but rather seen as a sign of the deep nature of their truth.  Take all that has been said here and use it wisely and well to grow in light.



Message from Archangel Michael

April 2005 * LM-4-2005
Transmitted Through Ronna Herman
Beloved masters, it is our greatest pleasure to commune with you each month as we share our wisdom and our loving energy with you. We wish you to be aware that we are always near, both within and around you, for just as our Father/Mother God dwells within your Sacred Heart Core, so do we of the archangelic realms.  Within your Diamond Core God Cell are all the wondrous Seeds of Creation which contain the attributes, virtues and qualities of the twelve Rays of Creator Consciousness.   My love for you and the qualities I bear are contained within one of those precious seeds of Light, and I will become more real and I will participate more in your daily life (if you will allow me to do so) as you activate and radiate the power and qualities of your personal Divine God Cell.
We speak often of returning to balance and harmony both within and outwardly, and we have given you many esoteric teachings to assist you in understanding the workings of the universe. However, there is still some confusion and that is why we often repeat or give you some of the more complex teachings in a new way so that, hopefully, you will come to a better understanding.
We have been asked to review and explain in more detail what has been termed the four lower bodies: physical, mental, emotional and etheric. Hopefully, you have a good understanding of the physical vessel and so we will focus on the three other bodily systems at this time. ETHERIC BODY: Many times in the past, we have made reference to your Adam/Eve Kadmon Body which is the original Divine Blueprint for the human form containing a Diamond Core God Cell with all the qualities of your godly nature, as well as the spiritual/physical macrocosm of the human species. Stored within this Divine Cell of life and your DNA were the potential qualities, attributes and aspects of your physical nature in preparation for the time when you would assume your coats of flesh in the realms of physicality. The Adam/Eve Kadmon Body was created as a body of Light by the Elohim, the builders of form, as an archetype of humanity, both male and female. In preparation for your descent down through the multi-dimensions of Creation, your crystalline Body of Light was surrounded in a golden etheric web of Light which contained this perfect Divine Blueprint, and a Diamond Core God Cell was placed deep within what would become your Sacred Heart and your
Solar Power Center.

The Etheric Body is in constant communication with your Elemental Body, your deep unconscious mind, which sustains and revitalizes your glands, tissues, organs and cells, and also controls your digestive system and the processes of assimilation of air, water and the food you ingest all of those functions that you take for granted and rarely give any thought unless you are in distress.
These caretakers of your physical vessel constantly strive to repair the damage caused by your negative thoughts, your addictions and your unhealthy ways of living, until the time comes when your vital life force is weakened so much and you are so out of balance that dis-ease sets in, and at times, premature death of the physical vessel is the result. The Etheric Body is the memory body and is susceptible to your thoughts and emotions, both positive and negative.  Disease or debilitation occurs first in the etheric body and gradually infiltrates into the physical vessel.  It is also true that the balancing, harmonizing and revitalization of the physical vessel begins within the Etheric Body and gradually manifests in the physical body. MENTAL BODY: The mind controls the brain and the brain is an extension of the Divine Mind. The Divine Mind or universal intelligence is the Supreme Creator and our Father/Mother God in action. As human Beings, through the use of your brain power, you have access to the infinite intelligence of Creator Consciousness.
Your mind is a trinity of consciousness consisting of: The conscious mind, which is composed of the intuitive, creative right brain hemisphere and the linear thinking, analytical left brain hemisphere. Our Father God radiates the predominant qualities and aspects of the left brain, and the right brain is influenced more by the qualities and aspects of our Mother God. In the beginning, both hemispheres of the brain functioned in harmony, one with another, empowering, qualifying and enhancing each other there was no division.
The subconscious mind, or your subjective mind, which records and stores everything you experience: what you see, hear, think and feel emotionally. The subconscious mind takes everything literally and it does not matter if you have experienced an event or just imagine it vividly, the subconscious mind registers it as a fact. That is why it is so important to change negative, debilitating past events into positive memories. Your thoughts and intent resonate to specific frequencies and by changing the frequency patterns you project through the use of will power and conscious effort, you can create the life, physical health and circumstances you desire for yourself and assist those around you to do the same.
The super conscious mind: As you raise your frequency patterns and your vibration field of consciousness, you gain the ability to tap into higher and higher levels of Creator Consciousness. Once you clear the static and distortions from the column of Light that connects you to your Higher Self, the super conscious mind has a direct flow of wisdom from the Divine Mind. The mental body or thought is the beginning of everything created in the physical realm. We have often told you You can have or become anything you can envision. You must first imagine something within your mind before you can create it. During these extraordinary times of evolutionary change, you are deeply influenced and affected by the accelerated process of the subconscious mind becoming conscious, and the conscious mind allows the infiltration of super-consciousness as you tap into the cosmic storehouse of Divine wisdom.
EMOTIONAL BODY: Your emotions are the fuel and the activating force needed to bring forth your visions/desires/thoughts into manifested form. The intensity of your focused, clear intent and the power of your emotional energy determines the length of time it takes, and the quality of your endeavors. Positive, focused emotions are essential to energize and activate any and all of your desires, dreams and manifestations which you set in motion through your mental/thought processes. You must learn to clearly state your intent and then create an unwavering image of what you wish to create, directing your thoughts toward a desired outcome as you take the steps necessary to bring your desires to fruition. When you allow yourselves to be influenced by the negative behavior or thoughts of others, you sabotage or dilute your effectiveness as co creators of positive, harmonious actions. The thoughts you think and the emotions you feel are what create the cause and effect situations or karma in your worldly experiences. When you raise your consciousness and return to harmony within your emotional and mental bodies, you step off the wheel of karma and attain a state of grace whereby you can easily take advantage of all the wondrous possibilities available to you.
In the beginning, your original emotional body was infused with and radiated the unconditional love of your Divine nature. Over time, as you sank deeper and deeper into the density of lower consciousness, the vibrations of love with conditions began to manifest within your human vessel: the broad spectrum of love and fear, or the absence of pure love from which all other negative emotional feelings sprang forth and became the norm.
Beloveds, your goal is to blend and harmonize the major bodily chakras of your physical Being and to balance your mental and emotional energy fields so that your spiritual essence can overlight and infuse you with your God-given powers of creation.  In order to balance your mental/emotional body field, you must learn to rely on your mental intuition as you seek to validate and integrate the higher truths you are accessing in your never-ending quest for enlightenment.  It is vital that you validate your truths through your heart/soul monitor and then strive to live by those truths to the best of your ability.
You are learning to trust and utilize the wisdom of your superconscious mind as you integrate all the attributes, qualities and virtues of your God Ray and soul Ray. Your visions and dreams are being manifested at an ever-increasing rate as you learn to live in the power of the God Moment or the Still Point of creation. Healing the past, scripting the future, and living in the power of the moment is becoming the norm for many of you as you perfect your cocreative abilities and return to self-mastery. When the emotional body field is the driving force within you, you are vulnerable to the strong emotional tide of the mass consciousness and your altered ego desire body. You must examine and discover how your emotions drive and control you through your desires and wants, and you must closely examine your motives.
Unifying the emotional/mental body, or learning to use your emotional intelligence, results in a balance of power between your emotional and mental bodies, whereby you begin the process of understanding yourself, and you become proficient in identifying the driving forces behind your actions. As you begin to understand the workings of the universal laws, you realize it is for your greatest good to harmonize your will with our Father/Mother Gods Will. The desired mode is emotional detachment as you move gracefully and surely toward your sought after goals.
By allowing your emotional body to be infused with Spirit you will, once more, derive nurturance and all the loving energy you can contain from your indwelling Spirit. You will stop looking outside yourself for validation of your self-worth and you will no longer experience the sharp highs and lows of the third/fourth-dimensional illusion. It is possible for you to live in a state of joy or bliss as you learn to live in the world while expanding your consciousness to incorporate the great variety of multi-dimensional expressions available to you. As you develop an unerring assurance that you can have or become anything you can envision, you will be willing to put forth the effort to accomplish your goals. Beloveds, learn to rely on your angelic helpers and gain strength and sustenance from their presence, for they are always ready and willing to assist you in your endeavors.
When you begin to use the intelligence of your soul-self, you have the ability to tap into the unlimited possibilities of the Cosmic Records. Please make use of your Pyramid of Power/Light in the fifth dimension in order to bypass the distortions of the third/fourth dimensions, for that is where you have access to all the primal Life Force substance you can ever use to mold and create your visions for the new Heaven on Earth. It is time for miracles of momentous proportions to manifest within and around you, and for you to know that you are partnering with Spirit in everything you do.
When Spirit is over lighting your emotional nature, love tempers your emotions, and although you still have a human nature you have learned to become detached and you view the events in your life from a higher vantage point, that of a self-master. Your goal is to integrate your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies whereby you are living in an ascended state of consciousness as you unite with the multiple facets of your God Self. You are moving out of a state of becoming into a state of BEING. You are reversing the process that you initiated thousands and thousands of years ago, as you descended into the realm of materiality and began the process of building a temple of flesh in which to contain your precious gift of life, your Spirit Self. It will take some time to accomplish that miracle of creation or re-creation again, beloveds, but we can help you to make the process less painful and more expeditious. You are in the process of finding your way back to the love of the sacred heart, which is unconditional love and as you begin to experience peace within the mind, you will begin to experience joy and bliss within the heart, for they are inexorably connected. Allow us to strengthen your mental power and your resolve to move forward on the path of illumination. With every breath you take and each beat of your heart, you are being infused with the wondrous elixir of life directly from the heart of our Father/Mother God. Know that we are ever near to guide, guard and inspire you.
I AM Archangel Michael


Beloved Ones, there are always many reports of impending disaster
that come through your media, your internet, and even through your
channeling. These reports do indeed have their purposes, but they
are not the purposes of the Light.
The primary purpose of such
communications is to perpetuate the energy of fear
which has held
your planet in bondage for so long. Now that your hard work as
servants of the Light is beginning to pay off in a large way, there
are those both within your plane and without who would like to stop
They cannot
. You live in a plane of free will and you have
chosen to experience the ascension of the planet Gaia along with her.

It has been written and spoken of from many sources that there are
two Earths, or Terras forming. We know, Beloved Ones, that this is
difficult for you to comprehend, as you live embodied in the space-
time continuum. It is not our purpose to offer any additional
explanations as to how that can occur. The two Earths already exist,
because time-space is an illusion, and all events actually occur
simultaneously. It is a matter of your choosing, or not choosing to
align with the old Earth or the new one. It is a matter of where you,
yourself, choose to align your frequency. This shifting, which is
actually in your perception, Beloved Ones, has been well under way
for some approximately three years of your Earth time. During this
time you have been asked and advised many times to center your heart
Love, rather than embrace the fear.
These are more than just
inspirational words that are meant to provide comfort to you. The
terms love and fear are descriptive of your own personal frequency
band alignment. This is a conscious choice that you must make,
Beloved Ones. That choice is about
where do you want to align your
own frequency?

As we have spoken of before, your personal and planetary ascension
process is not dependent on your belief systems, but actually on your
lack of them. Belief systems give you much to fear. They also occlude
the path which leads to your own rise in frequency.
As long as you
retain your belief systems that are based in duality, on the concept
of good vs. evil, you will keep yourself bound to the lower frequency
energies of fear.
Beloved Ones, as we have often mentioned to you,
you are powerful co-creators in the reality that you experience.
There is not a single one of you who has not had something to do with
creating that which you perceive to be evil in your world.
When you
condemn evil, you have played a part in sustaining that evil upon
your planet.
Why, you ask me? How can this be? The Universal Law,
Beloved Ones, states that
what you focus your attention on you will
When you focus on the evil that is occurring on around you,
it perpetuates itself. Whatever you judge and condemn will perpetuate
By fearing evil, by fighting evil and by praying for evil to
stop, you will bind yourself to that which you perceive to be evil.
Beloved Ones, this is the process of creation that Mother-Father God
has set in motion. Each and every one of you is in co-creatorship
with God. Each one of you has your own free will to choose what you
will think how you will be. Each one of you is also subject to the
Universal Law.
There are no exceptions, for this is how Mother-Father
God has chosen to establish the rules of the

Once again, I will emphasize, Beloved Ones, that your ascension
process is not about any belief system.
It is not about fighting any
It is about frequency and vibration, only, because it is your
personal frequency alignment that determines the nature of your
Now you are being offered the choice of aligning with one
Earth or the other. This is a matter of frequency compatibility.
frequency of fear is low.
The frequency of love is high.
As we have
said many times, love and fear cannot exist in the same vibration
If your being is filled with fear about all the events of your
world, then you will, by default, be aligning with the Earth of the
lower vibration.
If you focus inward, on your own self, calling forth
from Mother-Father God, the frequency and vibration of Love into your
being, then the fear within you will fall away. You will be aligning
with the higher frequency Earth.

Beloved Ones, for the very first time in your Earth history since the
Fall of Spirit into matter, the frequency of love is again vibrating
upon your plane. You have drawn it forth by your own intent and hard
work. You have asked, and the hosts of the higher dimensions of
created reality have answered you. The entry of this higher
vibration energy into your earth plane is actually what is
precipitating the split into two Earths. There is a frequency
compatibility point at which something must give. Just as you cannot
listen to two radio or television stations at once, neither can you
exist in two frequency bands at once. This is true of Gaia and all of
her life forms. You are presently at the place in which two stations
are coming in, but neither of them clearly. Eventually, you will no
longer be able to tolerate the static in the transmission. You will
have to choose one or the other.

There are many embodied ones upon the face of your Earth who will not
be able to align with the higher energies of love. There are the ones
who are here on a karmic path, in which they need to learn by lesson.
They also constitute a collective consciousness that creates its own
experience. There are those of you who have worked hard to align with
the frequencies of Light. You are the ones who are receiving the
frequencies of love into your being. You, Beloved Ones, are choosing
to have experiences that are brought forth from the manifestations of
love, rather than fear. Thus is the concept of two Earths.
It is you,
each one, who choose where you will align your own personal

As it is, Beloved Ones, you seem to be receiving conflicting reports.
Some of the messages you receive from Spirit are telling you that all
is well with your world. Other messages, also from Spirit, send a
different, more fearful message. Although they may seem to contradict
one another, actually they do not. Each of these types of messages is
broadcast on a different frequency band. Some are for those aligning
with the energies of fear. Some are for those who are aligning with
the energies of love. Some are for those who are still sitting on the
fence, so to speak, and have not chosen a frequency alignment yet.
the near times to come, sitting on the fence will become too
those people, too, will have to choose.
There are also
those that are put forth, by those who do not wish your success, in
the hope that you will become fearful.

You, Beloved Ones, hold the keys to your own frequency alignment. You
have received many messages over the past months and years advising
you to seek truth within your own hearts, rather than in the
chattering of a fearful mind. While your news media supplies an
endless stream of fearful news and reports of eminent disaster, you
choose whether to give your power over to them or not. As you may
have surmised, your media is controlled by those who would see you
remain powerless. You are, by and large, being spoon-fed an agenda
which they would very much like for you to believe.
Once they get
your belief, the belief that there might be something to worry about,
to be afraid of, and then the fearful mind takes over.
Believe nothing
Beloved Ones, as it comes from any source outside of you.
is no truth outside of your own heart, your own perception. Your own
higher knowing will tell you the only real truth about anything at
all. Everything that you receive from outside of yourself is subject
to filtering and alteration, to some greater or lesser degree.
is true of your channeled messages from Spirit as well.
When you
believe anything at all, no matter what the source, whether it comes
from whom you perceive to be light or whom you perceive to be dark,
you are giving your power over to it. You are giving your power away
to just as great a degree by believing something that appears to be
good news as well. As you would say on your plane, you are being sold
a bill of goods, either way.
Your only successful premise, Beloved
Ones, is to believe nothing.
View all that comes your way with
detachment, asking yourself if it feels true to you in your own
Do not let the fearful mind control your being.

This is important, Beloved Ones, for those of you who are choosing
the New Earth.
You must learn to go within and discern your own
truth. Only by so doing, will you be able to align with the higher
frequency of that New Earth.
If need be, if the news in your various
media make you fearful, turn off your television, stop your newspaper
subscription, change your internet home page. All of the reports
presented there are altered to a great degree.
Beloved Ones, you do
not know anything about what is going on behind the scenes in your
world, nor do most of you wish to.
Yes, there are those among you who
have a purpose in being informed, and interacting with your
governments and other powers. These people have been chosen for this
purpose by their ability to detach from these fearful energies.
are not the most of you.
You must call forth from Spirit, with
sincere intent and prayer, the alignment of your own personal
frequency with the higher energies of love. Then you must help the
process along, by disengaging from any and all activities which cause
you to backslide into feeling fearful. You must focus on what you are
becoming, rather than what is coming up behind you. You must take
back your power from whatever holds it, be it a force outside of
yourself, or the belief systems within your own mind. You must take
your attention off of what is happening around you and focus it upon
developing your own inner confidence and knowing of your own truth.

You are, in each moment, choosing your own frequency alignment. You
are choosing which reality you will experience. The spotlight is on
As you, yourself, consciously align with the energies of Love,
you are also serving Spirit in the best possible way.
Frequency is
For many aeons, the frequencies of fear have been a
contagion upon your plane. Now the frequencies of love are entering
in, and the long awaited and prophesied shift is occurring.
It is the
shifting within each one of you that is creating the shifting in your
outer world.
The new station moving much closer to being fully
As you,
yourself, are able to tune this new station in,
align with its higher frequency, you will be assisting many others in
their alignment as well.
You will be emitting a strong signal for
others to pick up.

We know that some of you, having read thus far, are still having
fearful thoughts about what may happen in your world, and to you,
personally. Know this, Beloved Ones; the more clearly you are aligned
with the frequencies of
Love, the more your life will flow with
and ease. It cannot be otherwise.
Trial and tribulation are
manifestations of the frequency of fear.
If you, yourselves, are
fully aligned in Love, it is virtually impossible for any harm to
befall you. The more of you who align together in the frequency of
love, the more your collective planetary shifting will occur with
grace and ease.
You will not notice that anything is amiss. Do not
concern yourself with that over which you have no control, the
actions of your governments and behind-the-scenes leaders. Instead,
focus completely on your own self
, and finding your peace within.
Inasmuch as possible, remove you from all sources of stress,
antagonism and fear.
Seek nurturance with those who resonate at the
frequencies most close to your own.
If you find yourself needing to
change locations, change your personal relationships, do that.
which causes you unhappiness will keep you also in the lower
frequencies of fear.
Although you live on a plane of free will, we in
the higher dimensions are here to assist you in every possible way.
You must ask, though, you must call it forth. You must desire to move
higher than fear.

I have been able to bring my own energies into this earth plane,
also, in a way that has not been possible previously. Has Metatron
come into this plane to watch a planet become devastated? No, I have
not. Have I come to rescue you? No, I have not come for that either.

I have come to assist the courageous embodied ones who are aligning
with the New Earth frequency.
My presence here is a sign to you that
all is right with your world, that
you have every reason to be joyful
and optimistic.
It is you who called me here. I AM HERE to lift you
up, not to watch you drown. You may ask me what happens with the old
Earth. The old Earth exists for those who are unable, by their soul
path, to embrace the higher vibration. It will continue on a slower
evolutionary path, one which, yes, will include fearful things.
must remind you, Beloved Ones, that to feel sorry for those who are
not able to move into the higher frequencies will also bind you to
the lower energies.
Know that all is by Divine Plan and Time. Know
that each and every embodied one is on a path which suits his or her
own soul purpose.
Know also that those who choose to leave embodiment
during these times of shifting, are doing so by matter of choice,
also in accordance with their soul plan.
Do not mourn for them,
, because they are being upgraded and equipped for their next
soul experiences.
Your own
Once again, Beloved Ones, we encourage you to focus
wholly upon 
your own selves. Look for your joy
, there is much to be
found on this planet of yours,
if you choose to see it.
There are
beautiful sunsets, gentle breezes, powerful sacred places, family and
friends, good food, good music, art, literature, the sweetness of
Spirit, those things which excite your own particular passion.
Embrace those things, Beloved Ones.
Do not look for all the things
that are wrong with your life, your world.
This is how you feed the
both within and without.
As you look for all the things that
are right with your life and your world, so shall you raise your own
self into alignment with the frequencies of love?

It is simple, Beloved Ones, really. All lies within your perception,
your control.
Things become very complicated when viewed from the
perspective of the belief system and the fearful mind.
You will find
no truth outside of yourself. It is your privilege, your blessing,
and also your responsibility to find your truth within your own
You make that truth, Beloved Ones. You decide whether you will
fly in turbulent air or smoothly in gentle currents.

I AM Metatron,



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