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The Birth and Early Upbringing of Amirul Mumineen (AS)
Mulla Juzar Shk Yusuf

On Sunday, the 13th of the blessed month of Rajab, approximately 10 years before the ordainment of Syedna Muhammad (s.a.w ) as Allah's Messenger and 30 years after the "Year of the Elephant", Molatena Fatima binte Asad (a.s) felt that she was about to give birth to her child. The expected time had come close but she did not feel any movement whatsoever in her womb nor she had any pain. Out of worry she asked Moalana Abu Talib (a.s) of what to do. Molana Abu Talib (a.s) advised her to visit the Masjid-e-Haram and pray to Allah Subhanahu. She came to the Sacred Ka'bah and began to circumambulate praying as she walked. Suddenly, she felt that it was time for labor had arrived. She did not know what to do and began to pray: "O Allah! I believe in You and in the messengers and the scriptures You have sent. I believe in what has been said by my grandfather, Ibrahim (a.s.) who built the the Ka'bah. So, for the sake of the builder of this House, and for the sake of the child in my womb who is indeed one of your glorious signs, I implore You to make my labor easy, to help me in this difficult time."
Molatena Fatima binte Asad leaned against the wall of the Ka'bah to rest. Miraculously, the back doors opened.and Molatena Fatima binte Asad entered and the doors closed behind her. 'Abbas bin 'Abd al-Muttalib, the Prophet's (s.a.w.) uncle witnessed this miracle. He and his companions rushed to the gate of the Sacred House, which was locked, and tried in vain to open it. Understanding that the Divine was at work there, he and his companions ceased to interfere. The news of this incident soon spread throughout Mecca.
Molana Ali Amirul Mumineen (a.s.) was born within the Ka'bah on the Rukhamat al-Harma (The Red Stone) with his eyes closed and his body in humble prostration before the Almighty Allah. It was no sooner that the news reached the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and he rushed to the event. Rasulallah (s.a) received the newly-born child in his anxious arms and thus the first person that little Molana Ali (a.s) saw in this world was the smiling face of the Apostle of Allah, Muhammad (s.a). Later, Rasulallah (s.a.w) handed over Amirul Mumineen (a.s) to Molana Abu Talib (a.s). Molana Abu Talib (a.s) marked the birth place of Amirul Mumineen (a.s) within the Ka'bah.
Molana Ali's (a.s.) birth inside the honored Ka'bah is unique in the history of the world. Neither a prophet nor a saint was ever blessed with such an honor. It is an undisputed historical fact recognised by all historians that the Holy Ka'bah is the birth place of Ali bin Abi Talib (a.s.).
Glad tidings were brought to Molana Abu Talib (a.s) and his household. Muhammad al-Mustafa (s.a.w.) carried the baby to the house of Abu Talib (as), where he, himself was brought up.
A great banquet was prepared by Molana Abu Talib (a.s), slaughtering 300 camels and many other animals, in honor of the blessed new-born child. Molana Abu Talib (a.s) had announced that all were invited to the feast and the guests must perfrom seven "Tawaaf" of the Ka'bah and offer salutaions to Ali (a.s) before dining.
The feast was attended by a crowd of people. They offered their congratulations, spent hours of merriment expressing their high feelings towards their chieftain, the sheikh of Al-Abtah, and towards his blessed child. No child in Banu Hashim accept Ali (as) was born during that time and similarly no human was ever blessed with the honor of being born in the Ka'bah and never will be. Such is the great honor of Syed al-Awsiya, the brother, Vasi, Vazir and Khalifa of the Seal of Prophets Syed al-Nabi'een Muhammad al-Mustafa (s.a.w).
Days passed quickly as the blessed child grew up in the arms of his parents and his cousin, Muhammad (s.a.w.), who used to frequent his uncle's house, where he had formerly tasted the warmth of affection, and drank from the fountains of sincerity and loyalty during the years of his childhood and youth.
Muhammad (s.a.w.) continued to frequent his uncle's house, although he was now a married man, living with his wife, Khadijah, in their own house. He cherished Ali and surrounded him with affection and care, speaking to him tenderly, rocking his cradle or carrying him in his arms.

Knowledge - Words of Amirul Mumineen (AS)
Mulla Juzar Sk Yusuf

Knowledge is a treasure so vast, that is never exhausted: wisdom is a new robe that never gets worn.
The robe of knowledge will immortalize you, and never look old.
Gain knowledge: it adorns you, if you are rich; and feeds you if you are poor.
The man the most secure in his knowledge is he whose convictions are not weakened by doubt.
The knowledge the most useful is what one puts into practice.
Choose the best part of each science, as the bee sips the most delicate part of the flower.
Pursue knowledge, that you may be worthy of an honorable and respected position.
Seek knowledge, make yourself know by it, practice it - you will so become a learned man.
Experience is knowledge gained.
The inexperience is often deceived.
A monarch is respected for his power; the scholar because of what he knows; the benefactor for his benefactions, and patriarch for his age.
How know another, if one does not know oneself?
Do not hate what you do not know; for the greater part of knowledge consists of what you do not know.
If you hide what you know, you will be supposed to know nothing.
One questioned about a matter of which he knows not, should not blush to say:" I do not know."
Man is at enmity with what he does not know.
The bane of knowledge is lack of practicing it: the bane of labour is to work, but not with sincerity.
That knowledge is very superficial which remains only on your tongue : the intrinsic merit and value of knowledge is that you act up to it.

Teachings of Moulana Ali (AS)
Nahjul Balaagha

A letter to Harith Hamdani
Never forsake the orders, instructions and advice given by the Holy Qur'an. So far as presumptions of actions and things, lawful, legitimate and allowable or unlawful, forbidden and prohibited are concerned, accept the rulings of the Holy Book. Confirm and testify the truth said before (religions of ancient prophets). Take lessons from history for your future because history often repeats itself, and future nations of the world will mostly follow the footsteps of those who have passed. But this whole world is going to end and every individual has to leave it some day or the other.
Keeping in mind the Might of Allah, be particularly careful not to swear by Him unless you are taking an oath for a true and lawful affair. Always remember death and the life after death but never wish for death. If you want to face death then do it for a great cause.
Try to avoid all those things which a man may like for himself and may grudge for others. Abstain from an action which you will have to do covertly and secretly and which you feel ashamed to do openly. Refrain from a deed which you will have to accept as evil or bad or for which you will have to tender an apology or excuse.
Do not acquire a bad reputation and do not allow your good reputation to be sullied. Do not mention hearsay things as authenticated facts, such a practice will be sufficient for you to be regarded by others as liar. Do not develop the habit of contradicting and falsifying others on every occasion, it is a disgusting habit.
Have a control on your temper. If you have power to retaliate, then forgive and forget. When in anger, be forbearing, patient and tolerant. When you are in possession of wealth, power and authority, then be forgiving, merciful and compassionate. These traits will help you to gain your salvation.
Be sincerely thankful for all the Blessings which the Merciful Allah has granted you, pray for their continuance, do not misuse them and do not waste them and you must show by your deeds the extent of your obligations to Him for His Blessings.
Remember that among the faithful Muslims the best is he who gives out alms and charities on his on behalf and on behalf of his family and his property. Whatever you spend in this way is something that you send in advance for your life after death. You will then receive the reward of such deeds. And whatever you leave here will be used by others and you will get no benefit out of it.
Avoid the company of men who are weak in their decisions and views, who are superstitious and wicked because people are judged by the company they keep. If possible try to live in large cities because they are the centers of Islamic Culture and Islamic traditions. Avoid places where time is wasted in pastimes and amusements, where there are concentrations of ignorant people and where you find scarcity of companions or lack of society and surroundings to carry on your religious functions.
Keep yourself busy with your work and do not frequent abodes meant for vicious pursuits because they are centers of the activities of Satan and the places which spread vice and wickedness.
Always look to the conditions of people not so well off as you are because observation of their lives and positions will make you more content with your lot in life and more thankful to Allah for it.
Never start on a travel on Fridays without attending Friday prayers unless you are going out for Jihad or there is no alternative for you but to set out.
In all of your affairs keep the thought of Allah in your mind and act according to His Commands and interdictions because obedience to His Orders has priority over every other thing. By various means and in various ways persuade yourself towards prayers but do not be hard with yourself, be gentle and persuasive. When you are free from other duties and you are having good health then spend your free hours in prayers. But the question of offering daily prayers (five times a day) is a different question. They have to be offered compulsorily and in time.
Take care that such a calamity may not overtake you that while you are trying to ignore religion and Allah and are running after a vicious world, death overtakes you.
Avoid the company of wicked people because bad company allures a person towards evil ways. Always keep the Might and Majesty of Allah in view and be a friend of His friends. Be afraid of your own anger because out of the armies of Satan, man's anger is its strongest force.

Nahjul Balaagha - Letter 69

Judgements of Moulana Ali (AS)
Various Sources

"The foremost judge amongst you is Ali."
Rasulallah (SA)

Judgement for a baby boy and a baby girl
A case was brought before Umar - two babies, a girl and a boy, were born on a single dark night to two wives of the same man. The father had passed away and both wives claimed to be the mother of the son. Umar asked, "Where is Abul Hasan, vanquisher of difficulties?" Molana Ali was called for and the case detailed to him. He called for two vessels to be brought and had them weighed and then instructed that milk from each mother be drawn into a vessel.
When they were weighed it was found that one was heavier than the other. Molana Ali declared that the mother with the heavier milk was the mother of the boy and the lighter milk was that of the girl's mother. Umar asked how he had come to this conclusion and Molana Ali replied that Allah has proscribed that, "For the male is the share of two females."
Sherhul Akhbaar Vol. VIII
Syednal Qadi al-Numan bin Mohammed (r.a.) 4th Century Hijri
Translated by Mulla Mustafa Shk. Dawood Feeroz

Three men set out, two returned
Narrated from Shurayhil Qadi:
Three men set out on a journey and only two returned. The relatives of the third brought the other two men before me stating that the other two had set out with their kinsman and murdered. When asked the two denied this saying, "We don't know anything about that." I asked the relatives to produce evidence of their claim but they had none and they came to Ali and put their case to him.
Amirul Mumineen said that "If there had been a proof they would not have killed him in the presence of each other". Then Molana Ali instructed that the two men be separated. He asked the first man as to what happened to the third man. He replied that, "He set out with us then died during the journey and we buried him."
Molana Ali asked, "Where did he die, on which day did he die, at what time did he die, where did you bury him, what did you wrap his body in, who washed him, who prayed the namaaz upon him, who laid him in his grave?" asking these questions one by one which the man answered until Molana Ali had finished his questions.
Molana Ali then proclaimed, "Allaho akbar!" and he ordered those seated in the court to do likewise unitl their voices rang out loud and the other man heard this. He was convinced that his partner had confessed all.
Molana Ali then sent the first man away and called for the second man and said to him, "Will you tell us the truth just as your partner has done?" The second man said, "O' Amirul Mumineen! We murdered him and we took his belongings."
Molana Ali asked him, "And what did you take of his?" and he told him. Then Molana Ali called for the first man and made him confess before handing their fate over to the kinsmen. Mohammed bin Seereen says, "What Shurayhil Qadi did was what should be said and done by a judge but an Imam has that which a judge does not."
Sherhul Akhbaar Vol. VIII
Syedna al-Qadi al-Numaan bin Mohammed (r.a.) 4th Century Hijri
Translated by M. Mustafa Shk Dawood Feeroz

This is a translation of the Sermon of Glorification [Khutbat'ul-Iftikhár] uttered by the Imám 'Alí.(a.s)

The Sermon of Glorification
'Alí ibn 'Abu-Talib
trans. Khazeh Fananapazir


This is a translation of the Sermon of Glorification [Khutbat'ul-Iftikhár] uttered by the Imám 'Alí.
The Imám 'Alí uttered these three Sermons: Tutunjiyyih, Nurániyyat [Recognition through Luminousness, and Iftikhár in the language of the World of Command ['Alam-i-Amr], all attributing the workings of the Will of God [His Primal Will] in the World of Creation. The Author of the Bahá'í Revelation, Bahá'u'lláh, says that this world is sanctified above plurality:
Similar statements have been made by 'Alí. Sayings such as this, which indicate the essential unity of those Exponents of Oneness, have also emanated from the Channels of God's immortal utterance, and the Treasuries of the gems of divine knowledge, and have been recorded in the scriptures. These Countenances are the recipients of the Divine Command, and the day-springs of His Revelation. This Revelation is exalted above the veils of plurality and the exigencies of number. Thus He saith: "Our Cause is but one." Inasmuch as the Cause is one and the same, the Exponents thereof also must needs be one and the same. Likewise, the Imáms of the Muhammadan Faith, those lamps of certitude, have said: "Muhammad is our first, Muhammad our last, Muhammad our all." (Bahá'u'lláh: The Kitáb-i-Íqán, Page: 153)

This illustrious sermon is another luminous example of this mighty theme and as it has never been rendered in English before. I present it as promised. Please God, may it see the light of day!

Original text in Masháriq Anwár al-Yaqeen, compiled by Háfiz Rajab al-Bursí, pages 164-166. Dar al-Andalus, Beirut, 1978.

The Sermon of Iftikhár by the Imám 'Alí, as narrated by Asbagh, the son of Nubáta.

The Imám 'Alí said:

I am the brother of the Messenger of God and the Heir to His knowledge, the treasury of His wisdom, and the Companion of His secret. There is not a letter revealed by God in any of His Books whose intention does not point towards me. He hath vouchsafed unto me the knowledge of what was from eternity and what will happen unto the Day of Resurrection. To me hath been vouchsafed the knowledge of past and future generations and their genealogies. And to Me hath been given a thousand keys to a thousand doors. The knowledge of the destinies of all things hath been granted unto me. All these Gifts shall continue to flow through my Appointed Successors (wasi's) as long as day is followed by night and night followed by day and until all things return to God. For verily, He is the True Inheritor of all things.

Unto me, too, hath been vouchsafed the Path, the Balance, the Banner, and the Kawthar. I am the one who shall face the children of Adam on the Day of Judgement and shall bring them to account and shall direct them to their habitations. And verily, I am the punishment of fire meted unto the damned. These are the bounties of God unto me. And should anyone deny that I shall return after the Return or deny that I shall come back after the Raj'at, or should anyone reject the truth that I shall appear again, even as I have done from the beginning that hath no beginning or even unto the end that hath no end, he, verily, hath denied the truth of all of Us. And verily I say unto you, he who denies any one of Us, hath denied God. I am the one who hath summoned you; I am the companion of your prayers and invocations. I am the Lord of retribution, and I am the Master of the signs and the Lord of the wondrous symbols of guidance. I am cognizant of the mysteries of creation; I am the One who brought the iron unto Men. I am forever new and forever pre-existent, the One who brought the Angels from out of their habitations, the One who pledged an everlasting covenant with your spirits on the dawn of creation and Who, on that day, asked, through the will of God, the Self-subsisting, these words: "Am I not your Lord?" I am the Word of God [Kalimat'u'lláh] which hath been uttered in the world of creation, the Object of the covenant that hath been promised in the prayers and salutations which lie in the reality of all created things. I am the name that hath been invoked by orphans and by widows, the door to the city of knowledge and the refuge of patience and forbearance. I am the upraised flag of God, the companion of the banner of divine praise, the Lord of infinite bounty and of infinite grace. But should I tell you all that I am, you would doubtless disbelieve Me. For I am also the slayer of oppressors, the treasury of divine favors in this world and of the next. I am the master of the believers, the guide of those who seek the way. The truth is Mine and certitude is at My side. Leadership is Mine and the righteous shall follow Me. I am the first to acknowledge faith, the Cord of God that shall not be broken, the One who will raise the world to justice even as it hath been brought low by oppression. I am the companion of Gabriel and the archangel Michael is beside Me. I am the tree of guidance, and the essence of righteousness. I shall gather together the world of creation through the Word of God that gathers together all things. I give life unto humanity and I am the treasury of all divine commands. To Me hath been given the Luminous Pen and the Crimson Came.

I am the gate-keeper of certitude, the Commander of the Faithful, the friend of Khidir. I am the One who shall conquer Syria and destroy the arrogant. I have existed throughout the past, and, verily, I have never uttered a falsehood. Through a word from Me, truth hath been separated from error, for I speak through divine inspiration and know of the stars and constellations. God hath commanded me to ordain their orbit and vouchsafed unto me their knowledge. With Me are the saffron and crimson colored flags and I shall remain concealed until the time shall come for My manifestation in a great Cause. Then, shall I grant and withhold as I wish. None can describe Me except Myself, for I shall protect the faith of my Lord. I am the One Whom my Cousin chose, Who was present when His sacred remains were shrouded. I am the Guardian appointed by God, the Most Merciful God, the companion of Khidir and Aaron, and the friend of Moses and Joshua, the son of Nun. I am the Lord of Paradise, He Who hath caused the rain to fall and the earth to quake and the sun and moon to be eclipsed. I am the Object of the creation of multitudes and it is I who shall slay those who do not believe. Verily, I am the leader of the righteous, the Sacred Fane frequented by all, the upraised firmament, the fathomless ocean. I am the Holy of Holies, the pillar that supports humanity. I am the Possessor of the Greatest Cause. Is there anyone who can speak beside Me? I am fire itself. At a single Word of God, at one utterance of the Prophet, I would put within you My sword's length and send you hurrying unto your next abode. I am the meaning of Ramadán and the night of Qadr mentioned in the Mother Book. My utterance is decisive, for I am the Súrah of Praise. I am the purpose of prayer itself, whether at home or when traveling. I am the purpose of fasting, and the sacred anniversaries in the months of the year. I am the Lord of Resurrection and Judgment, the One who can remove the yoke that lies heavy on the people of Muhammad. I am the Gate through which all shall pass who worship God; I am His worshipper, and one created by Him. I am both the witness and the One witnessed to, the possessor of the green canopy, He Whose name is mentioned in the heavens and the earth, Who is the traveling companion of the Messenger of God throughout the heavens, for with Me is the Book and the sacred Arc. I am the One who befriended Seth, the son of Adam, the companion of Moses and Irám, and all metaphors and analogies pertain unto Me. Who indeed is there to compare with Me? For I am the heaven-sent rain that causeth each blade of green to grow, the Lord of this nether realm who brings forth the rains when all have lost their hope in its downpour. I am He Who summoneth the mighty lightning and causeth the ocean to rise and swell, the One who speaketh to the sun and causeth the stunning trumpet to blast forth. I am the refuge of all that have obeyed God, and verily, God is my Lord and there is no other God but He. For falsehood offers illusions, but truth giveth thee everlasting sovereignty.

I shall soon depart from amongst you, but be watchful and aware; be on your guard against the tests and tribulations caused by the 'Ummayyds and their worldly powers. And after they shall pass away, the kingdom will revert to the 'Abbasids who will bring both sorrow and happiness to mankind. And they shall build a city called Baghdád, which shall be between the Tigris and the Euphrates. Woe betide men in those latter days, for amongst them will rise the oppressors among My people, who shall build palaces for themselves and courts and tabernacles. For they shall seek supremacy through intrigue and impiety. Two score and two kings shall rule among the children of the 'Abbasids, after whose reign shall come to pass the Most Great Tribulation on the surface of the earth. Then shall the True Qá'im rise up once more. Then shall I show My Face amongst men, and it shall be as luminous as the face of the moon amid the other stars. But note well the ten signs associated with my coming. The first sign shall be the inversion of banners on the highways of Kúfa; the second, the abeyance of true worship and the prescribed prayers; the third, the end of true pilgrimage. The fourth sign shall be an eclipse in the lands of Khorasán, the gathering of constellations and the appearance of comets in the sky. There shall be chaos and confusion, massacre, pillage and robbery in the world. Many other signs shall there be too, surpassing all these signs, among which is the sign of wonderment. But when all these signs have passed away, then, verily, shall the Qá'im Himself arise in truth.

O people sanctify the Lord your God from all similitude, for every reference to Him fails, and whosoever tries to limit the Creator by description or comparison hath verily disbelieved in His Book, which is the Book of God's Own Utterance.

Then He said: How great the blessedness of those who love me and who sacrifice their life in my path and who get exiled because of Me! They truly are the repositories of God's knowledge, nor shall they be put to fear on the Day of the Great Terror.

I am the Light of God, Who can never be extinguished; I am the Mystery of God that can not be concealed.

He always directed people to right and told the truth.
He was foremost in actions that were related to Allah.
He helped (the cause of) Allah.
He also supported believers while being an asylum for them.
Greed was not able to set a seal upon his heart.
Nothing could prevent him from making his judgments.
He always invited people to the right path.
He was wise and provident.
Was never uncongenial and never became angry.
He kept away from bad people.
He protected justice and was the supporter of weak and powerless people, as well as being the rescuer of the oppressed.
He did not divulge secrets.
He never complained.
If he saw good he revealed it and if he saw bad concealed it.
He guarded the hidden and overlooked people’s faults.
He helped the weak.
He was content with the favors bestowed by Allah.
He always assumed the best of people and controlled himself in thinking negatively about others.
He acted with understanding and knowledge in friendships, for the sake of Allah.
In separating (from others) he acted with prudence and caution, for the sake of Allah.
Association with him made the soul happy and seeing him completed the proofs of monotheism.
He was pure and personified knowledge.
Association with him was a reminder for the scholar and an education for the ignorant.
He believed that every effort was more praiseworthy than his, and considered every soul purer than his.
He bowed down to no one except Allah.
He loved Allah and always endeavored towards his satisfaction.
He did not take revenge on any body for his own sake.
When he was angry, he uttered no words.(since his anger was for Allah’s sake, he did not let words interfere so as to instill doubt).
He associated with the poor.
He was a helper to the worshipers of Allah, assistant to the lonely, father to the orphans and a spouse to widows.
He was a friend to helpless people, asylum for those who sought protection in unpleasantness and the hope of Allah's servants in every affliction.
He was cheerful, pleasant, and slow to anger.
He was firm in his thoughts and embraced danger.
He accepted no weakness within himself and if he needed more strength he would ask Allah's assistance.
He was wary of performing his mission and was always in a state of melancholy.
He hid his certainty and avoided doubts.
He considered benefiting from the world no more than an illusion.
He had the light of guidance in his heart.
He joined the near and far things (with the help of his firm will).
He changed difficulty into ease.
His appearance was that of a very intelligent person.
If he resolved to ponder upon a matter, he would strive to reach the depths of it in such a way that he would become content by the refreshing springs of wisdom and reaching his aim would become easy.
He drank from the clear springs of Divine knowledge and sought the easy path of guidance.
There was no darkness that was not made illuminate by his knowledge and there were no ambiguities left unexplained by his sharp-wit.
He eradicated any affection for the world from his heart.
The land in which his honorable being existed, glowed by his light and surrendered to his judgments.
He was a bright light and a guide for the people who were in the desert of confusion.
He rushed toward goodness.
Knowledge was the fruit of his heart.
Oh yes! I swear that this is the morality of Amir al Muminin Imam Ali (AS

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