Ascended Master Kuthumi

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of transformation, lightness, purity and peace. Greetings Beloved Ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved brothers and sisters of the Light, as we gather with you upon this day in the presence of the Christed consciousness we acknowledge each of you as souls working toward the liberation of humanity's consciousness and we honour your individual journey of self discovery,
expanded self awareness and the integration of the consciousness of the God mind.

Our gathering with all of you at this time is one of
great celebration, an honour to share with those of you who have chosen to empower yourselves and experience the Divinity of your true self in its fullest power.

The Sirians, the Pleadians, we the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, gather with you to begin a very, very important experiment and that is, creating a new
morphogenetic field, one that holds information that shall create a shift in the consciousness of humanity, for the presence of this field will facilitate the process of individuals tapping into a frequency of information holding light.

Your world for many, many cycles was influenced by the morphogenetic field of negative consciousness, which
many refer to as the matrix. This field of information has maintained the paradigm of fear that you have all worked so diligently in raising your consciousness out of.

The density of the old world is what you
have overcome. There are aspects of your emotional self and aspects
of the personality still trying to find stable ground, a safe space from which to operate and experience the new levels of consciousness.

The blessings spirit brings to each of you today is the opportunity to accelerate the process of integrating the new quantum energies and move beyond the old paradigms held within the consciousness of your brothers and sisters still grappling with the old world.

Those who still fall into the category of the deep sleep. You, beloved awakeners of Light, have come into a timeline where you experience the joy of giving of your Divine Self to the Light, seeking an avenue of expression within the hearts of your fellow brothers and sisters.

Upon this day we re anchor the true blueprint of Camelot, recreating the Divine Holy Trinity of the Divine Mother, the Divine Father and your core inner stabiliser, the Divine Child. As you surrender to the presence of Light within you, you discover the power of the three
Divine aspects of Self, creating the life you choose, therefore creating heaven on earth. The world has undergone many levels of change.

Each of you have contributed to this change through your
personal transformation, and relinquishing the ego's control to the soul has raised your frequency.

Today we open the heavens, facilitating the process of bringing in very high frequencies of Light, increasing the quotients of Light you personally hold as an individual, thus contributing to an accelerated initiation, taking you through 9th dimensional consciousness, and preparing the energy for the integration of 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th
dimensional consciousness.

You as a group are anchoring levels of consciousness from 9th dimension through to 15th dimension.

You, however, will learn how to utilise this energy and transmit the information based on your personal development and the process your personal guides will have created for you by forming a template which shall create a code embodying a frequency that shall emit a sound attracting those whose frequency resonates with what you emit.

And these are the ones that you shall assist in awakening to the Divinity of the Christ within as you have awoken it within yourself.
So beloved ones, in the presence of the Great White Brotherhood, within the presence of the Angels and the Archangels, let us begin the activation of energy, the integration of Light and the emergence of love within the core of all that is Divine.

With your eyes closed take a deep breath in through your mouth, exhaling fully through your nose.

Now take a deep breath in through your nose, exhaling fully through your mouth. PAUSE Another deep breath in through your nose, hold for the count of 4 and exhale to
the count of 6.

PAUSE Hold to the count of 4, breath in to the count of
Hold to the count of 4, and exhale to the count of 8. Hold to the
count of 6, breathe in to the count of 4, hold to the count of 6 and
exhale to the count of 10. PAUSE Find your own natural rhythm of deep
breathing, in and out. Relax your body. Open your senses to the
presence of the Divinity of all that embodies Light and love in your
presence. PAUSE Open your chakras to receive the blessings of the
presence of the Divine. PAUSE Take a moment to call upon your
guides, guardians, Angels and Masters. PAUSE Call upon those of the
animal, the crystal, the plant and nature kingdom that you are
connected to. PAUSE Welcome the presence of the Great White
Brotherhood PAUSE And greet your family of Light from Sirius PAUSE
your teachers of the Light from the Pleiades PAUSE Continue to
as your energy is transported to the crystal temple upon Sirius,
embodying all the frequencies of the sacred geometric forms that
create life. PAUSE All the beings of the Light form a circle around
you, and you are guided to sit within the centre of this crystal
As your base chakra touches the centre of this temple, Light begins
stir beneath you, emitting sounds, recalibrating your energy field,
manifesting Divine harmony within every cell of your body, resonating
with the frequencies of the crystal temple and all the beings of the
Light in your presence.

Lord Maitreya manifests before you, presenting you with an exquisite
crystal of quartz. This crystal is laid before you, its Light
emanating frequencies of love. The love frequency opens the 7 chakras
of your physical body and initiates a process releasing any residual
energy of the old paradigm you have left behind through your personal
journey of healing, enlightenment, awareness and rememberance. The
love frequency emitting from this crystal transmutes all the residual
energy into an energy of your choice. PAUSE
Simply be within these energies as your body is taken through an
accelerated release. This is also preparing you for the creation of
the morphogenetic field of Light.

Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Uriel and Ariel stand behind
you, each of them bringing you an energy. Archangels Ariel and
present you with two blue rays. These blue energies represent
something specific for you. Simply absorb it into your energy field.
Surrender and accept. PAUSE

Archangels Gabriel and Uriel place their hands upon your back. They
begin to hum a tone, opening the frequencies within the cells in your
back holding core memory. The impulses coming from the sound they
emanate activate the colour rays red, violet and gold. PAUSE Feel the
presence of these rays clearing the core area of your back related to
the past, creating a sheath of protection around you, and a nurturing
vibration, a loving vibration, and the power that aligns your
consciousness with the Divinity of Mother-Father God. PAUSE

Lord Ra manifests in the crystal temple. He makes his way to you and
places his hand upon your crown chakra. Immediately a golden rod of
energy moves into your body, down your spine to your base chakra and
the golden vibration of golden consciousness fills your body and
cell of your body, penetrating the density that exists through the
subconscious or unconscious, releasing you from any attachments
created subconsciously or unconsciously to addictive thought
belief systems, attitudes and behavioural patterns that inhibit your
ability to sustain the golden consciousness you have birthed within
your being. This golden vibration dissolves any attachments projected
towards you consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously from those
your external world seeking power, seeking love, nurturance,
sustenance, protection and life force. Archangel Michael facilitates
the process of each of these individuals finding the source of their
life force. This draws all your energy back to you. The golden
vibration of Lord Ra heals any leaks in your energy field and aligns
the four lower bodies with the higher aspects of mind, heart, spirit
and being. PAUSE

Now that your energy has been cleared, we can begin the creation of
the morphogenetic field. Beloved ones, a morphogenetic field is a
field of information. The information programmed into the
morphogenetic field never ever loses its intensity. It is this
information that feeds the consciousness of humanity. Because the
original programme never loses intensity, it becomes a very
destructive tool if programmed with negative information. All of you
present here today are vital tools in the creation of this field. You
are gathering from different places on the planet because it is part
of your purpose to anchor the energy you tune in to today in the
different places you come from. What we create with all of you today
instils a code which activates the same degree of Light within those
whom you liaise with daily. Whether you are a healer, a therapist, a
messenger, a teacher, a friend, a parent, or a corporate executive
will touch the lives of those whom you interact with.

The activation of todays energy awakens the 12 new Christ grids of
Lions Gate within your body and we are also activating a portal to
central Lions Gate over your thymus gland. Beloved ones, the purpose
for doing this is to accelerate the awakening of the thymus chakra on
your planet, for it is through this portal you travel to the inner
core soul consciousness. It is from this point humanity will draw
consciousness and spiritual illumination will be an accelerated
process for each person experiencing life on earth. The year 2007 is
the birthing of the 9th dimension for those seeking the Light of
Christ within. All the Lightworkers of the planet who are working in
alignment with the Divine code of the company of heaven have already
aligned their consciousness with 9th dimension and beyond. You as a
group holding the frequencies of 9th to 15th dimension, will anchor
the templates wherever you go. Every foot step you take is an
anchoring of the energies you are tapping into right now. (Note from
Michelle:- On the 20th of August Kuthumi & The Great White
activated a 44th dimensional portal through the thymus gland
specifically at a point physically within Salisbury Catherdral,
England. I was told by Kuthumi that eventually 440 000 Lightworkers
will have their 44th dimensional thymus gland consciousness activated
through being in the presence of this vortex. I was put in trance in
the Carthedral and Kuthumi did the activation personally. It was the
first time I channeled with my eyes open!)

Beloved ones, take the crystal Lord Maitreya has put before you. Hold
this crystal to your heart chakra and align yourself with the pure
intention of all of that which is Light, all of that which is love,
abundance, peace, freedom, joy, truth and Divinity. It is from this
intention we create. Visualise your consciousness merging with the
consciousness of all the mighty beings of the Light in your presence.
PAUSE Archangels Gabriel and Uriel still holding the vibrations of
colour over your back, increase the transmission of these rays. This
raises the fire element in your body, burning through the veils of
illusions your energy has become attached to through the old
morphogenetic field, and the rays they strengthen within you, begins
the counteraction process, eliminating all connections to the old
field. PAUSE Let us all now begin to sound the Aum mantra which will
dismantle the vibrations of the old morphogenetic field and with the
utilisation of crystal consciousness we shall begin the creation of
the new.

All sounded the Aum mantra seven times.

Beloved ones, connect with the resonance of Light within your body,
focusing on the intention of purity and utilise your power of
to align with the new field of morphogenetic information. Utilising
your power of creation, we will give you some time now to project
this field the intentions of Christ consciousness, golden
consciousness awareness, and all of that which you feel inspired to
place within this field. Please proceed. LONG PAUSE Those of you
reading this channeling, take some time to contribute positive
information to this morphogenetic feel in which ever way you wish.

The Sirian Masters of the Light make their way toward you. They begin
to walk a spiral formation around you and the Archangels. As the
spiral is created around you, your consciousness is drawn into a
higher level of awareness, inner knowing, a connectedness to the
Divine. PAUSE The Pleadian Masters of the Light begin to walk the
spiral around you too. They walk around the Sirian Masters, who walk
around the Archangels standing with you. The combination of the two
spirals form a powerful frequency of energy. This vortex becomes a
coning of protection, holding you within the consciousness you have
programmed into the morphogenetic field. The information has been
programmed into your cellular structure and the crystalline
frequencies held within your skeletal system are now resonating to
frequencies you have created through your intention aligned with

Beloved ones, each of you are a key aspect of this field. The spirals
created by the Sirians and the Pleadians are also preparing the
of higher frequency and uniting your consciousness with the quantum
field of creation and manifestation. This creates a direct ray to the
heart of 8th dimension and through to the heart of the 14th
The ray leading to the heart of the 8th and 14th dimensions
accelerates your initiation into the worlds of manifestation, through
the complete acknowledgement of your gifts and your abilities as
creators. You are being offered the opportunity to bypass many of the
obstacles individuals have faced, and are facing as a result of the
focus you have held in overcoming the ego's attachment to fear.
Overcoming the addictions to the old world has been a great challenge
for Lightworkers, but the blessing, in other words the reward, for
your dedication is an accelerated shift into the higher worlds of the
quantum field and the creation and manifestation abilities. Beloved
ones, the small print so to speak, is that you are fully responsible
for the quality of energy you will manifest through the direct ray to
the 8th and 14th dimension, therefore, if you choose to focus your
consciousness on poverty consciousness, on problems and what you
you will manifest more of it abundantly. Tuning into the energy of
abundance means taking responsibility for either creating an
of negativity or an abundance of positivity. That is entirely your
responsibility, and you have the ability to respond to the
consciousness before you, the blessings that spirit bestows upon you
to embrace your Divine right to create heaven on earth or continue
within the creation of hell on earth. I repeat, you have the power to
choose whether you will manifest an abundance of negativity and
limitation, or positivity and liberation. Your choice to be a part of
this energy system today is also anchoring the energy within the

We the Masters of the Light have been working with a group in South
Africa and now this group in England. We create the chakric system
from the base, Johannesburg, South Africa and have created the crown
point in England. This place Glastonbury is where we have manifested
the eye of the crown. All of you here today will carry the eye of the
crown within you and open the eye to the royalty within you, in other
words the riches of the Divine that exist within you are there to be
shared with all.

Beloved ones, the Great White Brotherhood have asked that I address
each of you individually introducing you to the strand of energy you
hold, linked to the morphogenetic field and the aligning of
consciousness to the quantum field, as well as the preparation of the
DNA alteration programme activated for the mass consciousness. Please
introduce yourself by name and I shall deliver the message to you.

May we begin with the person to my left.

Greetings Lord Kuthumi. My name is A****.
Greetings brother. As we stand with you in the presence with the
Divine upon this day, Lord Maitreya stands before you and offers you
Red Crystal, signifying the energy of Anchoring. Your role of service
to this field is the anchoring of life force on earth as it is in
heaven. Is this clear?
Yes, thank you.

May we add at this point beloved ones, that if one does not anchor
ones energy on earth as it is in heaven, it makes it extremely
difficult to live within the earth plane. One must ground ones energy
through all the chakras so as to manifest ones needs as met. Living
a state of ungroundedness means you cannot manifest physically what
you need, resulting in a feeling of disconnectedness, separation, a
feeling of being separate from self. Get back into your body and
celebrate the joy of experiencing physical life. Thank you brother.

Please continue

Beloved Lord Kuthumi, my name is E*****
Greetings sister. Lord Maitreya stands before you and he offers you a
beautiful Rubellite Crystal, also known as Pink Tourmaline. This
crystal activates the heart chakra and presents to you the strand of
energy embodying Unconditional Love. Understanding unconditional love
is vital for it is in this journey you are being supported in
understanding the power of unconditional love. Beginning with
self-respect, creating boundaries that are consistent, honouring the
personal journey, honouring the journey others have chosen even if
their truth does not resonate with yours. Love them for who they are
and let them be. It is vital individuals understand unconditional
has absolutely nothing to do with sacrificing ones truth and
everything to do with honouring ones truth. Creating a space within
which ones truth is honoured and commanding the respect of that
If any individuals behaviour, thoughts and words offend ones sacred
space, that is when one stands within ones truth, stating the truth
and asking that it be respected. No-one is expected to put up with
anything that does not resonate with their truth. Is this clear?

Yes, Beloved Lord Kuthumi.

Peace and blessings be with you sister.

Please continue.

Love and gratitude to you Kuthumi, I am S******.
Greetings sister. Lord Maitreya stands before you giving you a
magnificent Selenite Wand representing Innocence, hence the inner
sense ability to stand within the Divine space of all that is Light.
You represent the Light of Innocence, thus the Light existing within
ones inner sense ability. Trust what you feel and what you receive
from the Light of all that is Divine. Is this clear?

Yes thank you.

Peace and Blessings be with you.

Please continue.

Ta failte romhat, (Greetings, in Irish) Lord Kuthumi, I am M******
Greetings Sister. Lord Maitreya stands before you, presenting you
a beautiful Aquamarine Crystal. The Aquamarine embodies the higher
consciousness of the emotional body and the spirit body, and you hold
the strand of Peace through emotional intelligence and spiritual
intelligence combined. The door is open to you to move forward and
preach that which you have learnt. Preach is teaching in peace, so a
preacher is a teacher who goes forth in the state of peace. Do you

Yes I understand.
Peace and blessings be with you.
Go raibh mile mile maith agat, Lord Kuthumi (many, many thanks)

Please continue.

Greetings Lord Kuthumi, I am E*******
Greetings sister. Lord Maitreya stands before you presenting you with
a magnificent Amethyst Crystal. This connects to your third eye
chakra. You hold the strand of Integration of Truth. As the third eye
opens to receive the integration of your truth, you become the leader
of Light within the Divinity of the space you occupy. There is only
one way to lead and that is through example. Never be afraid to
your truth. The message Lord Maitreya wishes to give to you, and to
all others within this group, is to not be afraid. You were born to
different. Do not sacrifice your truth by trying to fit in to a space
that does not have room for you. Is this clear?

Yes thank you Lord Kuthumi.

Peace and blessings be with you.

Please continue.

Greetings Lord Kuthumi, I am D******l.
Greetings Brother Daniel. Lord Maitreya stands before you. He
to you a Crystal Ball and with this comes the Light of the Archangel
Metatron. It is through the strand Illumination that the hearts and
minds of the sleeping ones shall be activated. The sound of Light is
what opens the crown chakra, the pituitary and pineal glands to the
consciousness of the Divine. As the Light comes into your body
these chakras, through these glands, so you too shall experience the
Divinity of the sound of Light. Is this clear?

It is Lord Kuthumi, thank you.

You are welcome. Peace and blessings be with you

Please continue.

Hello Lord Kuthumi, my name is R******
Greetings Brother. Lord Maitreya stands before you. He presents to
a magnificent Ruby Crystal. Anchoring Trust is part of your journey.
Trusting the Self, trusting the Divine, trusting the inner feminine
and the inner masculine, and expressing the Light of the child, the
purity and innocence of the child is part of your role of service.
Grounding yourself on earth as you are in heaven is vital, and your
energy and that of brother A***** are mirrored. You will hold the
crown chakra aspect of it and brother A***** will hold the base
aspect of it. In other words, you will hold two ends of the rod of
Light respectively. Do you understand?

Yes Master Kuthumi.

Peace and blessings be with you.

Please continue.

Hello, my name is A*****.
Greetings sister. Lord Maitreya stands before you presenting you with
a magnificent Citrine Crystal. This he holds in front of your solar
plexus chakra. It increases the vibrations of energy so as to show
the Divine Will Power within you. The power to will your way. To
understand that where there is a will there is always a Divine way.
Empowering the Divine through the will of the soul is what sets the
human mind free. Do you understand?

I do thank you.

Peace and blessings be with you.

Please continue.

Greetings and gratitude Lord Kuthumi, my name is V******.

Greetings sister. Lord Maitreya stands before you, giving you a
Celestite Egg. Within this egg is the seed of life, filled with great
potential. What you have the opportunity to bring and to present is
Independence, manifesting the trust of the Inner Divine, manifest in
the external world. This is the turning point for you where you
re-claim your power and move forward knowing that you are always
Divinely protected and guided. Seek not the power of the life force
the world outside of you. Turn your eyes within and see that God is
present within you. That the world you live within has been created
that which you have intended. This is the opportunity for you to
utilise the quantum energy, to change what you see as being a
heaviness into a lightness. It is the power of initiation that you
experiencing. Do you understand?

Yes thank you.

Peace and blessings be with you.

Please continue.

Greetings Lord Kuthumi, my name is C******
Greetings beloved sister. Lord Maitreya stands before you with a
big Labradorite Crystal filled with beautiful colours as the light
catches it, blues, greens and violet creates a whirlwind of
magnificent energy around you, and it is through the Vision of Sound
that you are to journey to awaken the hearts, the minds, and to stir
to life the soul within the sleeping ones. Labradorite is the
strengthener of the inner field of telepathic communication and it is
through the language of sound that many will awaken to the Divine
truth. Is this clear?

Yes thank you.

You are welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.

Please continue.

Welcome Lord Kuthumi, I am R*******.
Greetings sister. Lord Maitreya stands before you and presents you
with a magnificent Emerald Gem. Within the heart of this Emerald is a
dimension to the mystery school of Lord Hilarion and a World of
Manifestation. Part of your journey and work of service is to awaken
the world of manifestation within those who seek to free themselves
from the constraints of poverty consciousness. We speak not only of
the absence of material comforts, we speak of the absence of love,
those who believe they are not worthy of friendship, support,
recognition, acknowledgement. Poverty consciousness embodies a world
of attitudes. Your journey entails shifting to the attitude of
gratitude and maintaining it. Is this clear?

Thank you very much.
You are welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.

Please continue.

Greetings, my name is M******.
Greetings sister. Lord Maitreya presents you with a Lapis Lazuli Wand
embodying the frequencies of gold and blue. You are taken back in
time, standing before Tutankamen receiving frequencies of sound
activating the throat and sacral chakras. It is through the Voice of
Truth the Goddess emerges. Her receptivity, her nurturing and
creativity abilities are what births the true consciousness of the
Divine Goddess. All of that which you have mastered through the times
of Egypt are birthed through your sacral and your throat chakra. It
these gifts you share with the Goddesses of the world. Is this clear?

Yes thank you.

You are welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.

Please continue.

Welcome in love and gratitude Lord Kuthumi.
Greetings beloved sister. Lord Maitreya stands before you. He
you with a Quartz Crystal Wand, however, this Quartz Crystal is
within the centre of this room. Within it is a crystal daisy,
anchoring the daisy consciousness within the heart of Glastonbury.
Beloved sister, you are the Activator of the Gateway to Courage,
Illumination and Angelic Consciousness. This is one of the reasons
the Angels and Lord Merlin have brought you to this place. The Great
White Brotherood have asked for the 12 new portals of the Lions Gate,
embodying the Christ Consciousness, be activated through the purity
Angelic consciousness, and this place where we are today holds one of
the portals of the 12 new Lions Gates. Lord Maitreya asks if you are
willing to open this dimension to others to receive the blessings of
courage, of illumination and the healing of the Angelic breath. The
blessing of Angelic consciousness and the experiencing of the
transmutative energies of the Lions roar. Is this clear to you?

Yes it is and yes I do, in love and gratitude.

So it is then. So it shall be. It is done. Peace and blessings be
you sister.

Please continue.

Blessings Lord Kuthumi, my name is R****.
Greetings brother. Lord Maitreya stands before you giving you an
Indicolite Crystal, this is Blue Tourmaline. This very rare gem is
placed within the area of your thymus and throat chakra, stirring
within you the realisation of the rare qualities of Light, of love
truth resident within you. Part of your journey is to Assist others
recognising their rare qualities, an aspect that makes one unique,
activating the sound of Divinity creating the collective melody of
universe. Open your heart to your uniqueness, see yourself through
eyes of God and acknowledge why it is you are loved so deeply by
spirit. Is this clear?

Thank you, yes.

You are welcome, and peace and blessings be with you.

Beloved ones, the energies we have shared with you have created a
magnificent blanket of Light. We enfold all of you with this blanket,
and these are the energies that maintain the morphogenetic field
currently in creation. For the next 24 hours your guides will
to work with you. Your consciousness will continue to feed the field
with information, therefore, be impeccable in your word, impeccable
your thoughts and your actions. This energy is being extended around
the world. Your power is phenomenal - embrace it.

Beloved ones, please place your palm chakra of your right hand over
your heart chakra. Feel the hand of Archangel Uriel upon the hand of
yours over your heart. PAUSE Place the palm of your left hand above
your right hand and that of Archangel Uriel. Feel the hand of
Archangel Gabriel upon your left hand. Breathe in deeply, exhaling
fully, and let us begin to intend for the consciousness held with
every strand of DNA, stirring in alignment with Divinity
consciousness. As we take this activation to its next level, moving
all of you into the consciousness of 15th dimension, we activate the
DNA alteration programme for humanity. Your DNA is your Divine Nature
Active. In your heart intend for your Divine nature to awaken fully,
manifesting full activation, full anchoring and complete
actualisation. This is in preparation for the mighty ascension wave
that shall come to your planet in the month of December 2008. Upon
21st December 2008 we ask for all leaders of the Light to gather
together to hold the intention that all souls in physical incarnation
connect with their Divine nature and activate it. It is upon that
the 21st December 2008, that 1.4 million Lightworkers will receive
their Ascended Master status and be responsible for moving through
higher dimensions, experiencing multi-dimensional consciousness
consciously, be assigned to specific programmes of Light, to carry
sleeping brothers and sisters into full Divine Nature Activation. You
have the opportunity now to decide if you wish to be a part of this
programme. If it is your wish and your will to work with the Great
White Brotherhood, the company of heaven, the Angels, the Archangels,
and all of those beings who embody Light, then please give your
to Maitreya now.


So it is, it is done. Beloved ones, turn your palm chakras to the
heavens now. Feel the wings of Gabriel and Uriel. Feel the wings of
Michael and Ariel. Their wings now begin to vibrate. The energy they
emanate create an Angelic magnetic presence around you. As your palm
chakras open to receive this Angelic presence, a field of Arch-
protection is placed around you. This field will be maintained for
next 180 days. It is through this time that Archangel Michael,
Gabriel, Uriel and Ariel will prepare your body for that which you
shall come into and that which you shall transmit.

Beloved ones, be open to receiving so you can give. Know the universe
is abundant, unconditional, and responds to your every request.
Therefore, be impeccable with your word, your thought and your deed.

Take the opportunity now to present to the great Masters of the
the Angels, the Archangels, and all the Divine Beings of your energy
with a request or questions and trust that all answers will come.
Guidance will manifest and what must be, will be done. Please
proceed now.

Question: When there's ringing in the ears, is this a sign or is this
..., how can this be helped, for myself and for other people?

Lord Kuthumi: Beloved sister, this sound is the development of the
clairaudient abilities that many are now tuning into. The veils
between the worlds are thinning and many are hearing the sound of the
worlds beyond the 3rd dimensional world of material creation. It will
take some time for individuals to become accustomed to the sound.
Breathe into it. If it becomes too unbearable simply ask the Angels
the healing world to help attune the body to the frequency. It is
nothing to be concerned about medically, it is simply tuning in to
higher frequencies of the higher dimensions. Is this clear?

Yes thank you.

You are welcome.

Q: Lord Kuthumi, I have a question. Since attending a workshop in
April I feel a part of my soul has left. My son noticed the
in me immediately on returning home, he said "you're different." And
since that time I feel very different, I feel a part of me is dying.
don't know if something was triggered in that workshop or if part of
me was taken. I'd like your advice please.

LK: Beloved sister, the time has come for you to reclaim the power of
your Light. It is important that you stand before Lord Merlin in a
sacred place, with your presence before his, you are to command your
power back into your body. We will assist you in retrieving the
of your soul. You are, however, to journey to a sacred place where
will not be disturbed, where your energy feels safe and protected.
Lord Merlin will assist you in reclaiming those aspects of self that
have become fragmented as a result of certain traumas you have been
exposed to over a last while. This is the opportunity for you to
understand the power of energy, for you to focus on the power of
intention. Lord Merlin will guide you and will ensure that all is
well. Is this clear?

Yes thank you.

You are welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.

Q: Lord Kuthumi, I've got a question. A couple of days ago, I came to
a really enlightening situation whereby I went back to my childhood.
And after looking at all the things that I've been through, emotional
trauma, physical abuse and so forth, I came to realise that this is
all a process that we have to go through to come to some
understanding, and then that we have chosen this life. And I began
writing a book on purposeful living to share my experience with
others, and I'm just wondering if I'm going to have any help from
cosmic forces with that. Plus my intention of starting my own

LK: It will be done in accordance with the Divine plan of your soul.
This you must trust. The intention behind your purpose is what drives
the force of energy, resulting in the creation and then the
manifestation of a tangible force of a constructive or destructive
nature. The power is within you to anchor this project on earth as it
is in heaven. Do you understand?

Yes thank you.

Trust, it will be done. Peace and blessings be with you.

Q: Lord Kuthumi, several years ago, the website truththrutrinity. org
came into being as a mouthpiece for the Great White Brotherhood.
recently there's been a lull. I trust that this will be used to its
full effect for the benefit of humankind. Can you please comment?
Thank you.

LK: Certainly. Beloved brother, the lull has been as a result of a
time of integration you have had to undergo. All has been in
preparation leading up to this day where you have opened yourself to
receive higher quotients of the energy of the Great White Brotherhood
so as to raise the vibration of every thing expressing a part of you
to the next level. Your website will embody the frequencies of 9th to
15th Dimension. All needs to be in Divine order for these energies to
emanate in Divine accordance with all that exists within the Light.
Therefore, trust that as a result of what you have chosen to
experience today, the energies will shift, are, in fact, already
shifting. Be patient, it will not be much longer and you will have an
abundance of flow to the website, for it is a vital medium of
transmission of the words of Light and the energy of Light of the
Great White Brotherhood. Is this clear?

Yes, thank you.

You are welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.

Q: Lord Kuthumi, there's been a war in the Lebanon recently, and I've
noticed aspects of the same thing in life in England. There are a lot
of arrows flying around and I've heard of a lot of other arrows and
different things, and I was wondering, the aspect of cleansing that
this is doing, I haven't quite got to grips with the bottom of where
it's come from. Can I have some assistance in understanding this?

LK: Beloved one, everything you see and everyone else sees happening
in the external world, is a direct result of what is going on in the
internal world of every person on earth. The battle between the ego
and the soul, so to speak, is being played out. You know that war is
an acronym standing for We Are Right, yes?

Ha, ha, no.

Well now you know. And everybody says 'we are right,' 'no, we are
right, I promise you we are right and we'll show you we are right.'
And what happens? War breaks out. The war between love motivation and
fear motivation is at its peak right now. Everyone is being faced
this opportunity on some level or another. The choice between being
motivated by fear or the choice to be motivated by love.
the ego's control to the soul is the greatest challenge for humanity,
for humanity is so accustomed to living in a state of survival,
fighting, battling, struggling, fighting the demons of the past,
struggling with the inner demons of the present and the past,
to make ends meet, fighting with the mind, struggling to understand
the Self. These are words all of you use daily, hence my earlier
comment - be impeccable in your word, your thought and your deed, for
what you affirm is what goes into the ethers creating the
morphogenetic fields, bearing in mind the information never loses

So what is the world creating? The arrows, as you call them, is the
ego's inability to take responsibility for its part in the so-called
war. No-one willing to look at the Self, to go within, to acknowledge
the individual contribution to that which is in a state of imbalance.
Taking responsibility is yet another very difficult aspect of
humanities initiation into true self-awareness and Divinity
consciousness. Projecting blame is a clear indication of the fear of
taking responsibility. Which is why we encourage all Lightworkers to
look to the Self, for in looking to the Self, healing the Self,
dealing with what is out of balance within, one is able to change
is out of balance without. Saving the world begins with You, and you,
and you, and you. And every one person making the effort to change
what is on the inside, changes the world. Many people want to save
world, heal the world, change the world, stop the wars, stop the
abuse. End the battle within, stop abusing yourselves with harsh
words, unrealistic expectations, running yourselves down, not
believing you are worthy of the prosperity, victory, unconditional
Divine love consciousness of the universe. Every change begins with
the Self. That is why I say there is only one way to lead in your
world, and in any world, and that is by example. Does that answer
question brother?

Yes, thank you, it's given a bigger. much, you know, look within. I
did wonder whether there were any specific planetary influences that
were working their way out, and I realise that Pluto's traversing
Sagittarius and I haven't looked at the astrology. I was wondering if
there was any karma that is maybe taking in Orion, that's been
released at this time?

Yes there is most certainly. Bearing in mind the frequencies of
present on the earth at this time accelerating and amplifying the
energies astrologically, numerologically and on many other planes. Do
you understand?


Very well.

Q: Lord Kuthumi, could I ask you, who are my spirit parents and how I
may work more closely with them?

LK: Certainly. One moment please. Your spirit father is Lord Maitreya
and your spirit mother Lady Nada. A way to work with them on a closer
level is simply by calling them forth, acknowledging their presence
and asking for guidance. Guidance comes in the form of thoughts
impressed on the mind, an inspiration to, perhaps read a book, to go
somewhere, to look at an aspect of Self. Trust that what comes will
serve you and like you think of a loved one, do the same with your
spirit parents and it will strengthen your connection to them. Is

Yes, thank you very much

You are most welcome.

Beloved ones, we need to now recalibrate the energies so we can
complete the anchoring of the energies. Please connect your energies
together by feeling the presence of all the beings still present
within the crystal temple. PAUSE If there is any intentions you wish
to put forth to the presence of the Grand Masters, do this now in the
presence of your heart. PAUSE Take a deep breath in through your
exhaling through your mouth as all the energies recalibrate along
spinal column. PAUSE Feel the golden energy of Lord Ra pulsating from
your crown to your base. PAUSE Feel the energies still created by the
Sirians and the Pleadians walking the spiral around you. PAUSE They
now take their place around you and the vortex is complete. PAUSE

In your mind, please repeat the words after me: "Divine company of
heaven, I, and repeat your name, acknowledge the power and Light
present within my being. I choose to give of this Light to serve in
the name of all that is Light and open to receive all of that which
in Light. I acknowledge I AM a servant of the Light. I AM a Divine
messenger of Mother-Father God. I AM a vessel of love. I AM a
representative of the truth that resonates through the heart of all

Take a deep breath in, exhaling through your mouth as the energies
move into another octave of Divine __expression. PAUSE. Continue to

Lord Maitreya stands before you once more. He holds both his hands up
so the hand chakra is in direct alignment with your heart chakra, and
he emits brilliant white Light into your heart, opening all the
dimensions of your heart, the 12 rays of your heart. This energy
extends into your thymus, into your throat, your solar plexus, your
sacral and your third eye, your crown and your base chakra. And down
your arms and down your legs. Your body is filled with the vibration
of this pure white Light. PAUSE

Lord Maitreya now steps closer to you. He places the palm of his
hand over your heart chakra and a Divine symbol manifests upon the
skin of your heart chakra. This symbol is integrated into your heart,
symbolising the initiation you have taken and the activation you have
participated in. And all of those in the world of Light acknowledge
you as an anchor of the Divinity of love that exists within all that
is Light.

Beloved ones, the time has come now to give thanks to all the Beings
of the Light who have been present with you today, Lord Ra, Lord
Maitreya, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Ariel. Feel the
energies around you ensuring that for the next 180 days the energies
will be maintained perfectly, harmoniously, gracefully, Divinely and
magically. PAUSE Give thanks to the Sirians and the Pleadians for
creating the new vortex around you. PAUSE Give thanks for the
conscious knowledge of what it is that you are holding in service to
that which has been created today. PAUSE Thank your personal guides,
guardians, Angels and Masters. PAUSE And give thanks to yourself for
choosing this experience. PAUSE

Beloved ones, we give thanks to you, for choosing this experience,
coming forward as Divine beacons of Light, in service to humanity.
are the arms, the eyes, the heart and the voice of spirit. You are
connection between heaven and earth. Trust in the many invisible arms
that hold you, comfort you and carry you, and the many invisible
hearts that love you unconditionally and very deeply. We come forth
and bless you with all you need in the form of courage, insight,
power, trust and any other quality you need to see your journey
through to completion. Know that we are with you always in all ways.
May the Light of Mother-Father God shine brightly upon the pathway
before you, ensuring every step you take is a steady one. The wings
the Angels are wrapped around you keeping you warm and keeping you
safe. Thank you brave souls. Continue, love, give and receive.

I am Kuthumi, Cohan of the golden ray of love and wisdom and I greet
and bless you in love. Adonai.


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